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Woman’s gratitude is emblematic of Agile’s individual impact

Nov 22, 2017 / Agile Global Health

Everything global begins locally. At the heart of an organization of any size are people, and it’s the effort of these individuals – many, many individuals, all working together toward something bigger than their isolated roles – that creates widespread impact.

We at Agile Global Health know this well. “Global” is in our name, and it’s an apt descriptor of our worldwide patient reach, care network, and logistical dexterity. But the building blocks of our international impact are the millions of daily person-to-person exchanges that constitute our team’s work. Just ask Linah.

Since 2000, Linah Anzazi of Mombasa, Kenya had experienced severe lower abdominal pains. Numerous test, surgeries, and therapies pursued with her local doctors over the 17 intervening years proved unsuccessful in resolving her ailments. Finally, in June, Linah met with Agile Global Health to seek another opinion.

Linah chose to put her trust in our Care Consultants in Mombasa. With sponsorship from Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), Agile began managing her case, and arranged for her to travel to BLK Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi, India.

After so many years of inconclusive tests and treatments, the swiftness of Linah’s healing in India was almost unbelievable. The day after she was received in New Delhi by Agile’s Operations Officers, she consulted both neurosurgeon Dr. Puneet Girdhar and gynecologist Dr. Poonam Khera, who together diagnosed her spinal stenosis and developed a treatment plan. Linah underwent two successful surgeries, was prescribed take-home medications, and advised to return for follow-up in six months.

Just three and a half weeks after her departure, she was home in Mombasa once again. And three weeks after her return, she was back in Agile Global Health’s office – this time, to celebrate.

“Our patient Linah visited our office to appreciate our wonderful service in person,” said Bernard Ademba, Mombasa Operations Officer. “She presented our team with a cake and a heartfelt thank-you card.”

“Everyone in our company is a critical team member in providing healthcare as fast as possible to our patients, maximally reducing suffering. It’s the individual who makes the difference in everything we do,” said Morgan Darwin, Agile’s CEO. “Linah’s gesture of gratitude points to how Agile’s untiring, personalized support to our clients enables someone like her to leave behind decades of pain and uncertainty and put faith in the ability of the Agile team members she met to help her find healing. We are all individuals supporting other individuals: it’s the sum of all our very localized efforts that collectively generate our global success.” 

In the photograph above: Agile Global Health’s Mombasa team members are presented with a cake by our patient, Linah Anzazi, in a show of her gratitude.

In the photograph below: Linah’s thank-you card to Agile Global Health.

Agile Global Health

Agile Global Health (operating as A&K Global Health in select countries) is an Agile Health Systems company and a worldwide leader in realizing transparent, affordable, effective and innovative solutions to complex healthcare delivery challenges. We listen to local and national healthcare leaders in every country where we work, and then support their vision to improve their national health system’s accessibility, quality, and clinical outcomes. For patients, we connect you with the right care for your needs, from facilitating quality local and regional treatment to coordinating international medical travel; for healthcare funders and providers, we optimize your organizational impact by introducing transparency, control and customization to the medical, financial and experiential aspects of your clients’ medical journey. Contact us today to learn how we can support you.


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“Agile Global Health is a healthcare management company that assists patients, toward the hospitality arrangements; toward travel to the treatment destination and the care… it’s a link for the patient to the hospital. In my case I got into the country, a new person – it’s very easy to get lost. Agile received me the best way, showed me into the best of accommodations, close to the hospital, that I can reach at any given time. I really appreciate them.

- Mackenzie Owiti

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