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Superior Care Management Leads to Successful Cancer Treatment: Richard’s Story

Feb 2, 2016 / A&K Global Health

When Richard Ngetichi was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, he didn’t waste any time. Richard immediately began the daunting search for the best hospitals in the world to treat his condition. Through Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), Richard discovered A&K Global Health – a welcome resource in the global search for care, and located right in his home city of Nairobi.

A&K Global Health’s Care Consultants in Nairobi recommended BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore, India, and Richard quickly agreed. With the support of the NHIF, A&K Global Health arranged for Richard’s travel from Nairobi, Kenya to Bangalore, India and for his consultation with oncologist Dr. K. A. Madhava.

Following Dr. Madhava’s guidance, Richard underwent five weeks of concurrent chemotherapy and radiation. His symptoms improved dramatically: before treatment, he struggled to swallow, but now could eat well and regain some strength. But Richard’s doctors were not yet ready to close his case.

“At the end of the concurrent chemo/radiation, his symptoms all improved and he was doing very well,” Dr. Madhava explains, but in keeping with the best clinical guidelines and protocols for Richard’s cancer, “we brought him back after six weeks for surgical treatment.”

This thorough approach to treatment was a success. Richard’s doctors discovered that his tumor had completely disappeared.

Richard is emphatic when he speaks of his experience at BGS Global Hospital. “They received me with high hospitality, professional doctors, and I was given the best treatment I’d ever seen,” he remembers. “That’s exactly what I came for, all the way from Kenya – to seek the best treatment.”

The professional healthcare management that A&K Global Health provided for Richard was also key to his successful medical results. “The management of these cancer patients is definitely quite complex, it’s challenging,” Dr. Madhava says of Richard’s case. By maintaining close coordination between Richard’s doctors in Bangalore and Nairobi and ensuring his comfort and support throughout travel, treatment and recovery, A&K Global Health made certain that the multiple parties involved in Richard’s care always acted together to produce the greatest chance for a healthy outcome.

“A&K Global [Health] is one of the best professional bodies I have ever come across,” Richard affirms. “They know their work. I really thank them for having assisted me to come to this hospital, get the best treatment, and now – I’m very much happy because of their services.”

You can hear Richard and Dr. Madhava tell the story of this remarkable case in this short video:

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“I am very happy with your concern for me as your client and for giving me the attention needed during my stay. Your staff is very friendly. God bless you all.

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