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Record med camp turnout, new local training initiatives in Kigali

Nov 2, 2016 / A&K Global Health

This fall, Rwandans demonstrated unprecedented demand for two of A&K Global Health’s signature activities: our expert international medical facilitation and care management, and our continuing medical education (CME) and clinical trainings to strengthen their national healthcare capacity.

From September 13-14, 2016, A&K Global Health conducted a medical camp and CME event in conjunction with visiting cardiology and orthopedics/spine specialists from BLK Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi, India. Baho International Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda hosted the two-day program.

“We had a huge number of clients – each doctor saw 60 patients a day,” said Gratien Twizeyimana, A&K Global Health’s Representative and Regional Manager for Rwanda, Burundi, East Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to the two busy doctors, BLK’s International Marketing Manager also attended. “He thanked A&K Global Health on behalf of the BLK team for our good partnership and especially for arranging this very successful camp,” Mr. Twizeyimana noted.

But A&K Global Health’s coordination didn’t just provide a record number of patients with personal medical consultations. We also facilitated new partnerships between BLK and Rwandan doctors and hospitals with a goal to improve local healthcare.

“During the visit, I arranged for the Indian doctors to meet Dr. Muneza Severien, Rwanda’s national neurosurgeon,” Mr. Twizeyimana said. “Drs. Srivastava and Girdhar shared with Dr. Severien a BLK computer-based training on the microscopy machine used for modern neuro and spine surgeries, explaining how surgical outcomes are improved by this new method.” This CME session built camaraderie among the surgeons – and got them thinking. What if they could collaborate to provide these advanced orthopedic surgeries in Rwanda, where many need them and not all are able to travel abroad?

Two exciting initiatives emerged. First, BLK has invited Baho International Hospital to send a surgical team for a short practical training program at BLK, building their capacity to conduct some surgeries in Rwanda upon their return. Second, BLK intends to send a group of medical consultants to Rwanda for several weeks to conduct orthopedic procedures locally. “These programs will expand the range of locally-available orthopedic surgeries, while also improving the quality of Rwanda’s existing orthopedic offerings,” Mr. Twizeyimana said.

Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health CEO, agreed. “This was a tremendously successful event on all sides: good for the patients, the physicians, and the country!” For more on how A&K Global Health is expanding healthcare quality and access in 14 countries through events just like this one, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and our blog!

In the photograph above: Key members of A&K Global Health’s successful Kigali medical camp pose for a group photo. From left to right are Dr. Sushant Srivastava, BLK Super Specialty Hospital Cardiothoracic Surgeon; Dr. Puneet Girdhar, BLK Orthopedic/Spine Surgeon; Mr. Diganta Bhattacharya, BLK International Marketing Manager; Dr. Ardent Joseph Nibarere, Baho International Hospital Medical Director; Mr. Gratien Twizeyimana, A&K Global Health Representative and Regional Manager for Rwanda, Burundi, East Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo; and Mrs. Umuhire Liliane, Baho International Hospital Marketing Manager.

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