Patient Testimonials

Stella Ayabei

Stella traveled from Nairobi, Kenya to Gurgaon India.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) of Kenya funded Stella’s treatment at Artemis Health Institute.

“We appreciate the services received through the support of the Kenyan government, through NHIF. We also extend appreciation to the Indian government for their collaboration. Thank you to the A&K Global Health teams, both in Kenya and in India, for making everything a success. Lastly and greatly, a big thank you to the dedicated team of doctors.”

Don’t let a medical issue put your life on hold. Let A&K Global Health help you heal.

“I feel good and honored that I had A&K Global Health to review and further manage my heart operation. A&K Global Health managers in Kenya and India were closely monitoring my condition. The A&K Global Health team in New Delhi is very much dedicated to their work and I pray that God gives them long life. I am very much grateful to A&K Global Health for my successful heart treatment.

- Emmanuel Kisaka

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