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Partner Stories: BGS Global Hospital – Medical Travel for a Liver Transplant: Sana’s Story

Oct 27, 2015 / A&K Global Health

Sana lived in Saudi Arabia when she was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Sana’s son, Sary, took it upon himself to make sure his mother could get appropriate treatment and be well. A colleague of Sary’s father who worked for a medical company heard about Sana’s condition and directed the family to BGS Global Hospital’s Institute of Liver, Pancreas Diseases, and Transplantation in India.

Sary contacted the hospital and was assured that the facility and staff were very good. Before traveling to India, Sary did a lot of online research about Dr. Mohammed Rela who would be operating on his mother, and he found that Dr. Rela had a great record of successful surgeries.

After Sana and Sary submitted all of the paperwork to BGS Global Hospital, they were invited to come to India for a consultation with Dr. Dharmesh in Hyderabad, India. Sary could not travel to India with his mother, so his two brothers accompanied Sana instead. After all of the necessary tests, Dr. Dharmesh recommended that Sana get a liver transplant and that the transplant should come from a close blood relative.

Both of Sana’s sons who traveled to India with her were tested but were not found to be suitable matches. Sana asked Sary to be tested back home. After Sary got tested, he was found to be a perfect match. Sana was excited but also concerned by this news because Sary was only 19 years old, and she did not want him to go through a surgery at his age. Sary insisted that he wanted to help his mother, got on a plane, and went to India. All Sary could think about was the well-being of his mother, and he was not concerned about being operated on.

Sary’s surgery was performed in August, and Sana received her new liver a few hours after Sary’s surgery. Sary recovered fast and did not mind all of the pain he was feeling because his actions helped to save his mother’s life. A week after Sary’s surgery, he was able to travel home. Sana had to stay in the hospital a little longer as the doctors at BGS Global Hospital needed to make sure she was fully recovered, but Sana went home soon after.

Sana is now much stronger and does everything on her own without much help from others. Sary is very happy about how everything was handled by BGS Global Hospital and that everything worked out perfectly.

BGS Global Hospital is one of the partner hospitals that A&K Global Health works with. We work with patients before they travel to help them find great hospitals like BGS. We help organize every aspect of our patients’ trips so they can focus on treatment and healing. Sana and her family did not travel to India through A&K Global Health. If Sana had chosen to travel to India with A&K Global Health, we would have offered her and Sary information about the treating doctors at BGS and explained that Sana would need a donor that is related to her by blood. When Sana found out that Sary was the donor for her transplant, she would not have had to worry about her son’s travel because A&K Global Health Care Consultants would have prepared Sana and Sary for this possibility. We work with each patient based on his or her unique cultural, social, and economic needs for medical travel.  Our travel packages offer varying levels of care, and all of our medical  travel services meet our 5-Star Standard. Request a quote through us today.

Our Partner Stories highlight the amazing network of doctors, hospitals and other organizations A&K Global Health works with on a regular basis, showcasing the work they do and services they provide those needing medical care. This is one such story.


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