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One year post-surgery, preschool teacher embodies Agile legacy

Feb 20, 2018 / Agile Global Health

Here on the Agile Global Health blog, it’s our privilege to frequently share testimonials from our patients about the healing our care management brings them and their families. But Agile’s impact doesn’t end with treatment or initial health restoration. It endures for years: in a personal sense, through rediscovered abilities and fresh new potential, as well as on a socioeconomic level, in the form of healthier, more engaged and productive communities and countries.

For a glimpse into the personal and societal effects of our care management over time, we follow up with patients who are one or more years beyond their Agile experience. We ask them “where are you now?” – in family life, in work, in their communities. And they share with us how they’re doing in their present-day lives, describing in their own words what’s possible for them today that would not have been without our care.

Our first post in this new miniseries, Agile’s Living Legacy, takes us to Nairobi, Kenya, where we check in with Ebby Voregwa, the 39-year-old teacher who became a beneficiary of her country’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) cardiac program just over one year ago. Today she’s back at work at St. Joseph of Tarbes Preschool. Agile’s Eva Gulavi paid her a visit to see just what life is like for her with her repaired heart.

It’s easy to see why the ever-jovial and smiling Ebby excels in her work. But before her cardiac surgery, Ebby was robbed of much of her charisma. She found herself caught between the need to continue working to pay for medication that would manage – but never heal – her cardiac condition, and a heart that simply wasn’t up to the requirements of engaging and educating energetic young minds.

Constant fatigue and frequent absences were a real challenge to her career. Worse still, the students and families who loved her didn’t always understand her troubles: “My pupils were traumatized by the change of teachers during my absence…some would come to my house to tell me that if I did not return to school, they were going to demonstrate until I did! They didn’t understand that I had to be away because my heart was sick.”

One year post-surgery, though, Ebby and her students are growing and learning together once again, and her classroom environment and demeanor could not be more uplifting. “The Agile Global Health team met with a totally transformed person,” said Eva Gulavi, Agile Global Health’s Public Relations and Communications Officer. “I could hardly recognize her. I was amazed at Ebby’s energy in her classes, and the love and warmth that her pupils exuded for her. Anyone could see she has a special connection with these children…When I asked why they love their teacher, a little girl about five years of age raised her hand and said, ‘Because she is my friend.’

“Ebby’s cardiac surgery at The Karen Hospital took her beyond physical healing: her livelihood and passions were restored to her. Now she can continue to impact the lives of these little children who look up to her.”

Thank you, Ebby, for offering us a window into the Agile legacy in your life. To read other personal accounts like Ebby’s and hear about all our latest healthcare management projects worldwide, follow the Agile Global Health blog.

In the photograph above: Cardiac surgery beneficiary Ebby Voregwa beams, surrounded by the energetic Nairobi preschool students who are thrilled to have their teacher back and restored to health.

In the photograph below: Agile’s Eva Gulavi joined Ebby’s class for a photo during her visit to St. Joseph of Tarbes Preschool, where she spoke with Ebby about how her life has changed thanks to her NHIF-sponsored cardiac surgery and Agile Global Health’s care management.

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