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NHIF support “does Kenyans proud” during medical treatment abroad

May 17, 2017 / A&K Global Health

The life-changing, positive effects of the healthcare management experience we ensure for our patients don’t stop with them. These benefits also profoundly impact their community of family and friends.

Take it from George Aran. His wife Margaret, 55, of Kisumu, Kenya needed treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee; the severity of her condition required her to seek care outside Kenya. With financial sponsorship from the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and A&K Global Health’s expert medical management throughout their journey, the Arans traveled to BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore, India, where Mrs. Aran underwent a successful knee replacement.

So moved was Mr. Aran by the professional, personalized support he and his wife experienced that he recently wrote directly to the NHIF CEO to share their story.

“On behalf of my family, I wish to express our utmost gratitude for making it possible for my wife to travel to India for medical treatment. The NHIF Comprehensive Medical Insurance Scheme came as a godsend in response to our distress. Indeed, the NHIF cover in general did Kenyans proud at BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore, where we were…Kenyans were highly respected by doctors, hospital staff, the local community and other foreigners because of the relative ease with which they settled their medical bills, accommodation and related expenses. I shared substantially with a member of parliament of an African country who was at the same hospital, and she was all praise for the NHIF scheme, which she felt should be adopted by other African countries.

“But the NHIF spirit went beyond easing the financial burden…It fostered unity among Kenyans in Bangalore. The NHIF topic featured in virtually every discussion among Kenyans. It promoted a sense of belongingness, a sense of ‘Kenyanness’ which clearly won the admiration of other foreigners and the local community. Kenyans were identifiable by their sense of comradeship: we provided a social climate in which new arrivals felt as comfortable as possible, and a supportive atmosphere for those in hospital wards and guesthouses alike. To me, this was a lifetime experience which will remain etched in my memory.

“I wish to take this opportunity to most sincerely commend the NHIF Kisumu office for their concerted effort to enhance the quality of services to top-notch levels. The way they go about their duties enthusiastically is a demonstration of their will and determination to succeed. Similarly, the excellent facilitative skills of the A&K Global Health Kisumu office must be commended. Indeed, the combined efforts of the two offices provide a sense of hope and a sense of wellness to patients and relatives long before medical intervention. Yours is a noble duty, service to humanity; the change you make in the life of a single person leaves a lasting impression on that beneficiary, and on many others.”

In the photograph above: George and Margaret Aran of Kisumu, Kenya shared their joyful smiles and deep gratitude with the NHIF and A&K Global Health following Margaret’s successful knee replacement at BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore, India.

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“I am very much happy about A&K Global Health staff, especially Rolwin and Ahmed. They showed me a lot of concern about my treatment and I feel great about them. May God bless you, brothers.

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