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Agile Global Health can help you grow your capacity for care through our extensive network of hospitals and healthcare systems, as a referring physician or as a destination hospital or doctor.

For Referring Physicians

For referring physicians, we help to establish an expanded relationship of trust between you and your patients. We respect the personal relationship you have developed with your patients and return them to you for follow-up and ongoing care. We are also committed to helping our referring physicians receive any continuing medical education they desire. Excellence in care is always the primary goal, and we know that doesn’t end once the patient returns home.

5-Star Standard of Service

For Doctors and Hospitals

For doctors and hospitals, we provide you with the opportunity to grow your reach globally by making your expertise available to individuals outside of your local area. Our local offices allow us to connect directly with patients, families, and referring physicians, making sure that any and all needed medical records, logistical information, and other patient management functions are delivered to you with consistency and efficiency. We understand the complexities healthcare providers can face when serving international patients, and we work to remove barriers without logistical headaches.

We handle the administrative, financial, and logistical aspects of a patient’s treatment, allowing you to focus on what you do best–deliver expert care. With a simplified referral process and a sense of transparency corresponding to all that we do, Agile Global Health knows complete care is the result of creating a personalized experience from start to finish in order to meet your patients’ needs. Better total care experiences can happen globally when you are part of our network.

“I look forward to working with you again.

- John Irungu

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