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Nairobi employee shines as “A&K Global Health’s face to our clients”

Mar 3, 2016 / A&K Global Health

At the conclusion of a groundbreaking year for A&K Global Health, our Kenya team honored the significant contributions of one individual, Moses Kibazo, by naming him Employee of the Year 2015. During his recent visit to Nairobi, A&K Global Health Chief Executive Officer Morgan Darwin presented a certificate of recognition to Moses to commemorate his selection for this award.

As an Operations Officer, Moses’s responsibilities are many, varied, and essential to ensuring the delivery of A&K Global Health’s signature service: high quality, compassionate, customized and comprehensively managed care for each of our patients. Moses primarily works with our incoming clients – patients arriving to Nairobi from other parts of Kenya, as well as from neighboring countries, to receive medical treatment.

Before our clients even leave home, they know Moses well, as he works with them to schedule all medical appointments and procedures and to arrange accommodations for any attendants accompanying the patient, as well as for the patient when not in hospital. Upon arrival in Nairobi, Moses is prepared, personally receiving our patients at the A&K Global Health office, welcoming them with mobile SIM cards and answering any questions. Throughout their stay in Nairobi, Moses regularly visits patients and attendants in the hospital and after discharge to ensure their comfort, peace of mind and seamless care management. As Reuben Kangogo, A&K Global Health Kenya Operations Director, sums it up: “He is simply the best!”

Moses’s outstanding dedication to serving our patients is emblematic of A&K Global Health’s values. He and his fellow Operations Officers play a powerful, personal role in shaping our patients’ experience: they are the ones who continuously make sure everything is going smoothly for our clients, handling any concern and managing every detail, no matter how big or small. “Moses and his colleagues are the face of A&K Global Health to each individual we serve,” says Mr. Darwin. “It’s their support to our patients at every twist and turn in their health journey that earns A&K Global Health such consistently high customer service ratings from our clients.”

And Kenyan Operations Officers in particular are going to be important to A&K Global Health’s work in the coming months. As A&K Global Health intensifies its collaboration with the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) to increase inbound and intrabound medical travel to Kenya, Moses and his colleagues will be busy facilitating fellow Kenyans as well as increasing numbers of East African patients as they travel throughout Kenya to receive care unavailable in their own localities. “It’s really important to honor his example and contributions at this particular time,” Mr. Darwin affirms, “because I believe that this year, A&K Global Health Operations Officers like Moses are going to touch more patients’ lives than ever before.”

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health CEO Morgan Darwin shakes hands with Moses Kibazo, A&K Global Health Operations Officer and Employee of the Year 2015, and presents him with a certificate of recognition. On the right, A&K Global Health Kenya National Director Stephen Masinde joins Mr. Darwin in celebrating Moses’s work.

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“A&K Global Health’s facilitation from picking a patient up from the airport, ensuring that everyone is settled in hospital and hotel to escorting us on our departure makes this company’s work all the more pleasant. This initiative should be encouraged to grow!

- Mr. Wandera

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