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Meet an Agile partner: The Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Sep 17, 2018 / Agile Global Health

Welcome to the latest post in our blog series highlighting select Agile Global Health hospital partners! Today’s feature spotlights the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, better known as AIMS. AIMS is a 425-bed hospital in Faridabad, India that provides comprehensive multi-specialty tertiary care through its 14 centers of excellence. The hospital provides preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, palliative, and supportive services and is designed to meet patient care and research requirements of the new millennium.

Following its motto of “caring for what matters most,” AIMS has received numerous accolades, including being rated among the best specialty hospitals in New Delhi. AIMS was also the first hospital in North India to deploy the Varian’s Rapid Arc on a Trilogy system, and the first to be equipped with PET/CT, dual head gamma camera, and HDR brachytherapy.

AIMS’s centers of excellence include:

AIMS is easily accessible from New Delhi International Airport, New Delhi Railway Station, and New Delhi Interstate Bus Terminal. Once arrived, Agile’s AIMS patients enjoy more than seven accommodation options within 1-2kms of the hospital. All include complimentary taxi service to and from AIMS, and are situated within walking distance of a market for patients’ personal shopping needs. As always, Agile’s Operations Officers support our Columbia Asia patients with Indian SIM cards upon their arrival in country; facilitate currency exchange, translator assistance, and/or visa extension, if needed; and monitor our patient helpline 24/7 to respond to any unexpected need as it arises.

What do AIMS patients have to say about the hospital? Here are some of their experiences:

Big thank you to Dr. Yuvraj and his entire team for treating my mother, Mrs. Ravinder, very well during her hospitalization for surgery. The nursing staff, housekeeping, and everyone around were good. Keep doing good work and making people happy.” – Jyoti Dahiya

Cleanliness is at the top in AIMS. I appreciate this. The nursing staff is very caring and supportive. I am extremely satisfied by the services!” – Sonal Anand

Very satisfied with the depth and knowledge of the consulting doctor. Dr. Nitin has thoroughly explained to me all the details and I am truly happy with the diagnosis and treatment provided to my child.” – Harman Preet Singh

Could treatment at AIMS be for you? Reach out to Agile with your questions today.

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“Thanks a lot to everybody for everything during my treatment process, especially to doctors, nurses, Operations Officers and translators. Once again, thanks to everybody who have helped us in this successful treatment.

- Ismael Abdullah

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