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Meet an Agile Global Health partner: Columbia Asia Hospital

Aug 16, 2018 / Agile Global Health

Welcome to the latest post in our blog series highlighting select Agile Global Health hospital partners! Today’s installment introduces Columbia Asia, an international healthcare group operating a chain of modern hospitals. Its first hospital in India commenced operations in 2005 in Hebbal, Bengaluru; today, Columbia Asia operates 11 facilities around the country. The group has a presence in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Mysore, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Patiala, and Pune.

“We have a passion for making people better,” asserts the hospital’s motto. Its patient volumes reflect this: Columbia Asia serves more than one million patients every year. To handle such numbers, a comprehensive electronic medical records system forms the core of the hospital’s information technology infrastructure.

Columbia Asia’s centers of excellence include:

Agile patients choosing Columbia Asia for care enjoy multiple guesthouse options within six minutes’ walking or driving distance of the hospital, with complimentary or very low-cost taxi service to and from. They can also select room packages that include full (all meals) or partial (breakfast only) board, according to their preferences. As always, Agile’s Operations Officers support our Columbia Asia patients with Indian SIM cards upon their arrival in country; facilitate currency exchange, translator assistance, and/or visa extension, if needed; and monitor our patient helpline 24/7 to respond to any unexpected need as it arises.

Agile patients who have completed treatment at Columbia Asia describe their experiences this way:

“I would like to thank Dr. Depashish and the entire team at Columbia Asia Hospital. My gratitude also goes to the coordinator from Agile Global Health, Mr. Ivon, [my] translator Mohamed, and the entire Agile team present in Iraq and India.” Raed Jameel from Kurdistan, Iraq

“Pleased with the attention Agile Global Health India gave us.” – Elizabeth from Kigali, Rwanda

“I highly recommend Agile Global Health. They went and got visas for us, they helped with passports, they oversaw the whole thing…even payment! We were so comfortable because anything that we needed, we just told Agile.” John Mwangi from Nairobi, Kenya

If you think Columbia Asia might be a match for the care you’ve been seeking, find out today! Contact Agile Global Health to learn more.

Agile Global Health

Agile Global Health (operating as A&K Global Health in select countries) is an Agile Health Systems company and a worldwide leader in realizing transparent, affordable, effective and innovative solutions to complex healthcare delivery challenges. We listen to local and national healthcare leaders in every country where we work, and then support their vision to improve their national health system’s accessibility, quality, and clinical outcomes. For patients, we connect you with the right care for your needs, from facilitating quality local and regional treatment to coordinating international medical travel; for healthcare funders and providers, we optimize your organizational impact by introducing transparency, control and customization to the medical, financial and experiential aspects of your clients’ medical journey. Contact us today to learn how we can support you.


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“Thank you Agile Global Health. Thank you Nasar, for your brotherhood and your care for me. Thank you Max Super Specialty Hospital for making me smile all the days long. I will advocate for Agile Global Health and how everything has been during my treatment to other people back in my country. God bless.

- Lydia’s Second visit to India

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