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Meet an Agile Global Health leader: Moataz in Erbil, Kurdistan

Apr 19, 2018 / Agile Global Health

Welcome back to our blog series spotlighting Agile Global Health team members and their work around the globe! These posts take you inside our organization to get to know our employees as individuals. Whether they’re on the front lines of patient service or immersed in the data analytics that help us drive healthcare improvement on a nationwide scale, we think you’ll agree – they’re pretty amazing people.

Today, we speak with Moataz Jaleel, Agile’s Regional Manager for Kurdistan, Iraq.

How did you find out about Agile Global Health initially? A friend who was working with the company told me about it. That was five and a half years ago. I joined Agile (then A&K) Global Health in October 2012, and I haven’t looked back since!

What made you decide you wanted to work with Agile? I was drawn to the idea of helping people, while at the same time driving forward changes in the local and national healthcare systems.

Share a little bit about what do you do in your job. I work to understand our clients’ requirements in order to meet their needs as well as their desires in the process of managing their healthcare. We have two types of clients: institutional, like the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), which sponsors large groups of individuals with whom Agile then works; and self-paying, which are individuals who employ our management services directly. With management from Agile Global Health, most of our Kurdish patients travel abroad for some portion of their treatment. However, we also manage our patients’ preparatory and post-travel care here at home by working with local physicians and hospitals. Additionally, my team works to educate our community about diseases we see frequently in our region and how they are treated.

What is the best thing about working with Agile and your role at the company? I love helping people discover that quality, affordable treatment for their condition is indeed possible, and watching how their lives are transformed through our care and assistance.

How do you see our company growing in the future? With each patient we serve, we change a life, and touch the lives of hundreds more through what that healed individual can now contribute to their family, their profession, and their community. This is Agile’s personal impact, and its “ripple effect” is tremendously powerful! I also believe that, on a global scale, our company has and will continue to hold a big role in improving healthcare management throughout the world.

What has so far been your proudest accomplishment at Agile? I’m proud of my determination and persistence in continuing our work in a difficult environment. In spite of all the challenges brought by economic crises and political issues in our region, we in Kurdistan have continued to press forward to meet local healthcare needs at a time when care support is most critical.

What makes you excited about continuing to work for Agile Global Health? I am energized by the prospect of continuing to face our challenges and accomplish our mission of serving people through healthcare management. I am lucky to be part of this great family…the support and sense of personal value I receive from Agile is unbelievable, which makes me emboldened and confident to face all the challenges. I truly appreciate that.

In the photograph above: Agile Global Health’s Moataz Jaleel serves as Agile’s Regional Manager for Kurdistan in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

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