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Meet an A&K Global Health partner: BLK Super Specialty Hospital

Mar 30, 2016 / A&K Global Health

As an international healthcare manager, A&K Global Health’s core function is enabling our patients’ access to – and optimally synchronizing their interactions with – the numerous individuals and institutions that play key roles in their health lifecycle. These range from general practitioners to specialty providers, airlines to guesthouses, family caregivers to federal visa issuers, insurance funds to hospitals. This post is the first in a series on this blog to introduce our readers to one category of stakeholders within the broad health ecosystem that we orchestrate: our hospital partners. Today, our spotlight is on BLK Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi, India.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital, named for its 1930 founder Dr. B. L. Kapur, is one of the largest tertiary care private hospitals in India. The hospital’s vision is “to create a patient-centric, tertiary healthcare organization focused on non-intrusive quality care utilizing leading edge technology with a human touch,” a goal closely aligned with A&K Global Health’s values. Perhaps BLK’s greatest strength as a partner facility is their combination of deep clinical expertise and a wide variety of treatments: with 10 centers of excellence and 29 specialty areas offered, BLK is home to medical experts in all major fields.

A&K Global Health first reached out to BLK in 2013 in the process of expanding our hospital network. Initially attracted by BLK’s Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, we were also impressed by their robust Centre for Bone Marrow Transplant. A&K Global Health was already well established in Kurdistan, Iraq, where many of our patients were seeking treatment for thalassemia and other blood diseases – conditions that often require complex procedural interventions like bone marrow transplants, in addition to intricate and long-term treatment regimens and comprehensive care management.

We began sending patients to BLK in the same year. Since that time, A&K Global Health’s work with BLK has lead to the healing of many individuals. And our partnership has also contributed to the growth and refinement of BLK’s care offerings, by providing a steady stream of patient referrals representing a diversity of diseases and hailing from around the world.

Here’s what our patients are saying about their experience with BLK Super Specialty Hospital and A&K Global Health:

“I am very much satisfied with the doctors, [nurses], translators and A&K Global Health. I will recommend A&K Global Health to my friends and family back home.”

“A&K Global Health has been very supportive from Kenya to India. A special thanks goes to the doctors who treated us…everyone was very professional and we are happy with treatment and all of the handling.”

“[BLK], keep up the good spirit towards the foreign patients! A&K Global Health, [you have] wonderful personnel.”

“My experience with A&K Global Health was very good. The staff back home was professional and knowledgeable. [BLK Hospital] was clean and the doctor explained everything well.”

“Thanks to A&K Global Health for helping me throughout my medical journey…thanks to [the] hospital staff who helped me and everyone who stood with me in my difficult time.”

“I felt at home. I am very satisfied with my overall experience.”

“I am very thankful.”

“My appreciation goes to the A&K Global Health and BLK personnel who took care of me for a job well done.”

“I look forward to working with you again.”

And we feel similarly. What makes BLK a great partner is their commitment to continually growing in expertise, technology and service as a healthcare provider, and their able accommodation of our patients’ wide array of medical needs. A&K Global Health looks forward to working together with BLK Super Specialty Hospital to serve and heal patients for many years to come.

A&K Global Health

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