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Meet an Agile Global Health leader: Ankur in Delhi, India

Mar 8, 2018 / Agile Global Health

Welcome back to our blog series spotlighting Agile Global Health team members and their work around the globe! These posts take you inside Agile Global Health to get to know our employees as individuals. Whether they’re on the front lines of patient service or immersed in the data analytics that help us drive healthcare improvement on a nationwide scale, we think you’ll agree – they’re pretty amazing people.

Today, we interview Ankur Gupta, Agile’s Delhi-based National Director and Manager for India, who joined in January 2014.

Share a little bit about what do you do in your job. My job includes three main areas of responsibility: customer service and satisfaction are first. I have 17 years of experience in customer service in the tourism industry, which I leverage in guiding my team to provide a seamless patient experience. We oversee service delivery and customer experience and take action to meet all client needs.

Procurement, vendor negotiation, and payments are my second focus. My team lines up logistic services (e.g., accommodation, transport, food, airline tickets, special needs) and liaisons for pharmacies and equipment as prescribed. We have built a strong network of vendors who are compassionate and committed to providing quality services and products at appropriate prices. My role is to put a system of vendors, services, and capabilities in place that my team uses to service our clients.

My third area of effort is building sustained efficiencies via processes. Agile is the first of its kind in providing truly integrated logistics and patient management services: thus, we are learning and developing processes as we go. We identify gaps, define operating procedures, and monitor and fine-tune them to improve service delivery, sustainability, and feasibility. All such processes mandate team inputs – they reflect our vision and capabilities.

What made you decide you wanted to start working with Agile? The opportunity presented me with a challenge, a bigger role and team, and the chance to learn and grow. At first I was uncertain about translating my experience and skills to the new market space Agile was entering. But I came to realize I was selected by Agile because of my in-depth systems knowledge, thought clarity, and confidence after all these years of work in logistics. The nomenclature was different, but my capabilities were just as applicable.

How does what you do affect our patients, partners and the industry? Agile Global Health works globally. In India, we receive patients from many different nationalities; India is a foreign land for them. My team and I manage their needs, from general to specific, and offer a peaceful experience. Our Operations Officers introduce patients to the healthcare system, hospital, doctor, markets, and anyone or anyplace that would aid their comfort and healing. They stand by clients and take their concerns forward. This ensures that clients are heard and well served. It’s like having one’s own butler service in a five-star hotel!

Regarding our partners and the industry, all hotels, hospitals, pharmacies, transporters, linguists, etc. are prepared in advance by our team with the services and products we require from them. Because we ensure our partners are well planned, more efficient, and able to send happy clients back to their home countries as their brand ambassadors, they are always pleased to accept more business from Agile’s supporting and well-coordinated team. The industry observes these synergies, too: overall, standards and competition increase while cost reduces, and the patient gets fairer and more genuine service.

What is the best thing about working with Agile and your role at the company? Agile Global Health has given me opportunities to do more meaningful work. I am thankful to the company for introducing me to this world where I get to serve patients. Agile has also helped me better grasp my own professional potential and refine my interest areas.

What has so far been your proudest accomplishment at Agile? Finding a Kurdish linguist to help our initial group of Kurdish patients. I recollect this keenly because it took several days of intense pursuit. It was around midnight when I finally found the right person! Persevering to identify exactly the right service-minded individual with impeccable translation skills was critical: it established a foundation of trust between Agile and this first group of patients. The growth of Kurdish patient flows since that time is in part a testimony to this insistence on the best patient service from the very beginning.

Can you tell us about a time that you felt supported or valued by Agile, not just as an employee, but as part of a global family? Three instances come to mind. First, I was hired! That was a trust-based experience that felt like joining a family rather than just a corporation. Secondly, my wife was invited to accompany me to Agra for a meeting with Agile’s global staff. That invitation showed respect for her role in making my work possible and acknowledged her as part of the Agile global family, an honor for both of us. And thirdly, our CEO Morgan Darwin recently suggested me to be part of the corporate team in 2018. He sees me as a valuable resource for the company’s future.

What makes you excited about continuing to work for Agile? I get repeat as well as unique challenges every week. Facing them boldly, making my way with truth, sincerity, and respect, winning over hearts, learning from experiences, and seeing myself growing wiser is good.

Share a little about your interests and family. My interests are always evolving. I like creating and improving things; some activities that capture my interest are painting (I’ve won prizes), sculpturing (never done), learning new things which benefit me in work or personally, traveling to new destinations, and listening to YouTube for principles in various sciences, Indian classical music, knowledge enhancement, etc.

Anything else you’d like to share about your work experiences? Can I write a small booklet?!

In the photograph above: Agile Global Health’s Ankur Gupta serves as National Manager and Director in Delhi, India.

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“Your staff and especially Mr. Ankur are so committed to their work. We felt at home because of you. Thanks.

- Heltan Maganga

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