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Mrs. Dogo

Medical Travel Story: Dogo Hamisi Mapea

Sep 10, 2015 / A&K Global Health

Mrs. Dogo Hamisi Mapea is from Mombasa, Kenya and works as a primary school teacher. One day, she started having trouble talking and laughing. She was coughing most of the time. She felt very sick, and it got so bad that she was even having a hard time walking.

The doctors in Kenya ran some tests and found out there was a problem with her heart. A 3.14 centimeter hole and a folded valve where causing her difficulties. After more tests and meetings of the cardiologists, she was told that she would have to go elsewhere to get the treatment she needed. The problem is, the operation and travel would be expensive.

Her husband worked with the Minster of Health, and he found out about NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) and A&K Global Health from his job. The NHIF helped with some of the payment, and A&K Global Health arranged travel and more. Her husband sought out more information for his wife, and they decided to go to Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India for her treatment.

Traveling with her sister, she met A&K Global Health employees when the plane landed in India who helped her find accommodations and took her to the hospital the very next day.

After six hours of surgery and a short stay in the ICU, Mrs. Dogo began to feel like herself again. She can talk, laugh, walk and climb stairs. Her sister says if it weren’t for the NHIF, A&K Global Health, and the doctors at Manipal, she sister could have died.

Now, she can go on and continue her job as a primary school teacher and live her life to the fullest.

Listen to Mrs. Dogo’s story here:


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“Jared and Rolwin made sure every activity was done. They were knowledgeable, competent and courteous. When I arrived, Rolwin was waiting for me. My transfer from the airport to the hotel and hospital was smooth and on time. Tabris was always with the patient ensuring that all of her needs were met. I wish to thank the entire A&K Global Health personnel for their cooperative work to insure everything is successful.

- Shila

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