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Why medical travel is more than facilitation, and what Agile adds

Nov 8, 2017 / Agile Global Health

Skillful, service-minded facilitation is an essential element of a quality medical travel experience. And in our six years of experience, Agile Global Health has risen to the top of this field, earning international acclaim for our exceptional facilitation.

But experience has also taught us that facilitation alone isn’t enough. Managing travel logistics and coordinating clinical details are important, but they can’t fundamentally change healthcare accessibility, affordability, or quality. However, Agile’s innovative tripartite management value – tangible value realized by patients, providers, and funders alike, because of our experience-driven custom solutions – can effect systemic change that benefits every stakeholder in the health ecosystem.

Let’s look at an example. One of our current patients is a 51-year-old Kenyan gentleman. Diagnosed with acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML), he is being treated by bone marrow transplant at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, India. His treatment requires that he visit the hospital daily for blood tests.

“This patient used to come in at 8:00 a.m., would do blood tests in the outpatient laboratory, and then late in the afternoon would get reports from his doctor, based on the bloodwork, that advised the need for injections,” explained Jasmeet Singh, Agile’s North India Operations Manager. “Then we would have to get the patient admitted for a brief period of treatment, one hour tops, but he would have to go through the full discharge procedure as if he’d been in inpatient care! …four to five hours to discharge after admission of an hour or so.” Furthermore, the cost of the injections – usually INR 600 – skyrocketed to INR 6000 due to the administrative processes associated with the hospital admission and discharge required to receive them.

“That’s where we got the idea, why not order everything from outside? – medicines, pharmacy equipment, etc. – and provide the injections in an outpatient setting?” said Jasmeet. “Our Operations Team visited the doctor and arranged for the patient’s injections to be given in the BMT room, without any hospital admission. We ordered all necessary medical supplies – syringes, IV fluids, injections, a cannula – from our vendors, and handed them over to the nursing staff. This has astronomically reduced wasted cost and time, as well as of course our patient’s inconvenience.”

“This is one example of many such solutions we’ve developed to enhance client experience, while at the same time saving sponsor funds,” said Ankur Gupta, National Manager for Agile’s India Destination Management Center. “Our management keeps happy patients and funders alike and helps hospitals run most efficiently, reducing costs and opening the opportunity for care to more people.”

“This kind of strategically innovative thinking has become increasingly crucial as our patient flows have grown,” added Agile CEO Morgan Darwin. “In 2017, we’ve experienced 100% growth, and we are on track to far exceed that in 2018.”

Want to learn more about why facilitation isn’t enough, and how Agile Global Health offers something different? Follow our blog as we present on this very topic at the 8th International Temos Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany next month!

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Agile Global Health (operating as A&K Global Health in select countries) is an Agile Health Systems company and a worldwide leader in realizing transparent, affordable, effective and innovative solutions to complex healthcare delivery challenges. We listen to local and national healthcare leaders in every country where we work, and then support their vision to improve their national health system’s accessibility, quality, and clinical outcomes. For patients, we connect you with the right care for your needs, from facilitating quality local and regional treatment to coordinating international medical travel; for healthcare funders and providers, we optimize your organizational impact by introducing transparency, control and customization to the medical, financial and experiential aspects of your clients’ medical journey. Contact us today to learn how we can support you.


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“I am very satisfied with Agile Global Health’s services. In addition to my survey rating, my wife and I would like to extend our gratitude for the dedication service rendered to both of us by the Agile Global Health. Our heartfelt appreciation specifically goes out to Sushant and Mohamed for their un-tireless and dedicated service throughout our stay in India, also Anamika who took us around.

- Rev. Jean Gatabazi

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