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Medical camp brings specialty care, continuing education to Kakamega

Feb 23, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Some exciting “firsts” took place on January 29th and 30th, 2016, when A&K Global Health and physicians from Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India hosted a medical camp in Kakamega, Kenya.

Though A&K Global Health regularly coordinates such medical camps with our hospital partners for low or no cost in Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia and South Sudan, this was our first experience bringing a medical camp to western Kenya – and the Kakamega community was eager for the opportunity. During the two-day camp, dozens of local residents received consultations with Manipal specialists in oncology, cardiology and orthopedics. These fields of expertise are in high demand in Kenya, and A&K Global Health is already actively coordinating travel and treatment arrangements for Kakamega patients in each of these specialty areas.

The Kakamega medical camp was unique in another way, too. Our visiting Manipal Hospital specialists didn’t just provide patient consultations; they also delivered continuing medical education within their areas of practice for Kenyan healthcare professionals.

The response from the medical community was tremendous. A total of 63 Kenyan physicians from Kakamega Provincial Hospital and the wider area attended three presentations: Recent Advances in Cardiac Surgery, presented by the Consultant Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon; Recent Advances in Hip and Knee Replacements, presented by the Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon; and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) & Robotic Surgery in Oncology Cases, presented by the Consultant Surgical & Gynecological Oncology and Robotic Surgeon. Audience members described the sessions as “very informative” and even “captivating.”

A&K Global Health is proud to help foster collaborative professional relationships, like those the Kakamega medical camp has established between Kenyan and Indian physicians, across the entire spectrum of health stakeholders. Our vision-driven approach to healthcare management multiplies the impact of a single medical camp many times beyond the number of patient consultations that take place – it enables us to bring together patients, providers, government ministries and healthcare organizations and to improve medical, educational and financial outcomes for each of these participants. At the same time that we’re helping Kenyan patients obtain the urgent specialty care they need abroad, we’re facilitating professional development for their home doctors, building capacity for the Kenyan health system and investing in its future.

This trailblazing medical camp in Kakamega, the first of its kind in both location and continuing medical education offerings, concluded with a great deal of positive momentum for future events. Manipal Hospital has already proposed working with A&K Global Health to bring three more camps to Kenya throughout 2016, including the popular component of continuing medical education for local healthcare practitioners. Stay tuned to this blog to hear about these events and all of A&K Global Health’s ongoing activities around the world.

In the photograph above: Kakamega-area healthcare professionals follow along intently as Manipal Hospital specialists present continuing medical education on oncology, cardiology and orthopedics at A&K Global Health’s January medical camp.

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