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Kenyan mom praises Agile experience in India for her daughter

Apr 3, 2018 / Agile Global Health

Having your child diagnosed with a serious disease is a frightening experience. Traveling overseas for their treatment could add additional strain – but with Agile Global Health, it need not.

Aswila Abdulrazak is the proud mother of one of Agile’s young patients, seven-year-old Khadija, who suffers from osteomyelitis – a rare but serious bone inflammation. With Agile Global Health’s care management and sponsorship from Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), Khadija and her mom traveled to Aster CMI Hospital in Bengaluru, India for treatment.

Just two weeks after their safe return to Kenya, Ms. Abdulrazak emailed our Mombasa team to commend Agile on the full range of support we provided to her and her daughter throughout their treatment journey. 

“I would like to acknowledge the services of Agile Global Health, starting from the Mombasa office, namely Biye, Bernard, and Lela. These three worked tirelessly to make sure the dream of my daughter seeking correct treatment could be realized. I would also like to appreciate NHIF for funding her care.

“I was handed over to Somashekara Madhukar in Bengaluru, India. Just like his Agile colleagues in Kenya, he was diligent in ensuring that we got proper transport from the airport to the apartment, where we were welcomed with a smile of hospitality.

“We next interacted with Ivon Valmiki, Agile’s Operations Officer assigned to assist our case. Upon our very first day of meeting him, he was renamed ‘Superman’ by my daughter. A child does not lie; he was a true superman! This became more and more real throughout our time in India. Mr. Valmiki never left us to wonder what we had to do next for Khadija’s treatment. He was always there to see how things were progressing. Khadija and I never felt alone in this foreign country, as Superman was taking good care of her health.

“The hospital, Aster CMI, was a second home as well. All the staff were friendly and showed dedication towards their work, from admissions to international desk staff relations – especially Hemalata and her group – bravo!

“To the qualified doctors: thank you for your good job. To the physiotherapy department for their good work: well done. Special thanks to Tapojyoti who had a smile to welcome Khadija during and after therapy. Thank you and God bless you all. I truly found a family in Bengaluru.”

“Ms. Abdulrazak’s testimony beautifully captures the scope of Agile’s support our patients – our Operations Officers really do serve as supermen and superwomen to every individual Agile assists,” said Aleksandra Golota, Senior Relations Manager. “Ms. Abdulrazak’s praise for our dedicated partner Aster CMI also points to how Agile’s careful curation of a network of trustworthy treatment facilities adds assurance for our patients that, with Agile, they will get the best-value care for their condition.”

Could this kind of support be healing for you or a loved one? Contact Agile today to learn how we can help.

In the photograph above: With Agile’s care management and NHIF sponsorship, Aswila Abdulrazak and her daughter Khadija traveled from Mombasa, Kenya to Bengaluru, India for Khadija’s treatment at Aster CMI Hospital.

In the photograph below: Khadija was happy to return home, but sad to leave the health hero she nicknamed “Superman” during her treatment stay in Bengaluru, Agile’s Operations Officer Ivon Valmiki.

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“I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much because from the beginning until the end you were always by my side. Doctors, nurses, and everyone –well done and keep it up! I will never ever forget Agile Global Health because we were treated genuinely and everyone was so kind to us.

- Vincent Kiragu

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