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“What I’ve learned from Agile Global Health”

Dec 26, 2017 / Agile Global Health

As an interpreter, Razhan Mirwaysi of Kurdistan, Iraq knows the nature of his work is to help others, primarily by easing communication with his multilingual skillset. But appreciating the importance of his work still did not prepare him for the life-changing encounters he recently experienced while supporting Agile Global Health’s Kurdish patients as they underwent medical treatment in India.

In an email to Agile Global Health after his return home to Kurdistan, Razhan conveyed one of his most memorable experiences working with us, as well as a set of values that his work with Agile impressed upon him.

“Razhan’s dedication while bringing home to Kurdistan a donor – a female child – from India was truly touching,” said Ankur Gupta, Agile’s India National Manager in New Delhi. “Issues with airlines forced them to spend three days in the Basra and Baghdad airports.” Razhan remembers the challenging situation well: after the already-demanding experience of traveling abroad to serve as a bone marrow donor for a family member’s cancer treatment, the little girl had only the interpreter to escort her home – and their journey quickly became fraught with political, logistical, and weather complications. “What was hardest of all about having this child with me was being afraid about something happening to her, after her family entrusted her to me…All in all, she was with me for three days. I took care of her every need, from sleeping to eating, coming and going, everything, just like a father. Although I faced difficulty at checkpoints given that I’m not her relative, I was able to reach Kurdistan with her safely and personally deliver her to her family.”

In his email, Razhan also specified key lessons he’d taken away from his time working with Agile Global Health.

“What I have learned here:

  1. Have patience.
  2. Work as if you work for yourself, not for someone else.
  3. Be truthful.
  4. Do your best in every situation.
  5. Think wisely.
  6. Be positive.
  7. Help, even if it is out of your duty.
  8. Be loyal to our patients.”

We at Agile Global Health couldn’t ask for a better summary of the values each one of our global team members upholds every day. “Razhan’s story sheds light on the great lengths to which all Agile team members go to support our clients in their hour of need,” said Morgan Darwin, Agile CEO.

Said Razhan, “I extend my gratitude to Agile Global Health’s India and Kurdistan offices for granting me a chance to visit India as an interpreter and serve humanity.”

Agile’s Mr. Gupta concluded: “Thank you to Razhan for sharing these touching experiences. Your selfless and thoughtful support to our patients and their attendants will not soon be forgotten.”

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