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“I’ve had an invaluable learning experience at A&K Global Health”

Sep 1, 2016 / A&K Global Health

When Eva Bibiana Gulavi arrived at A&K Global Health Nairobi on May 23rd to begin a mid-year internship, she was a bit nervous. “I thought it was going to be very difficult for me because of the lack of medical background in my studies,” admitted the International Relations student at United States International University – Africa.

But Eva quickly discovered that the field of international healthcare management – in which A&K Global Health is a worldwide pioneer – encompasses far more than clinical care delivery. “Helping our patients obtain first-rate medical treatment suitable for their unique circumstances is a key part of our work,” says Stephen Masinde, A&K Global Health Kenya National Director. “But healthcare management is so much more. It’s personal client care and customer service, it’s contract negotiation, it’s cross-cultural relations, it’s travel and legal logistics, it’s public health and policy advocacy. And to succeed in the ultimate goal of saving and improving patients’ lives requires close, continual coordination between people with expertise in these many different areas.”

As Eva became an integrated member of our Nairobi team, she observed this diversity of specialties in action, as well as the shared values that sustain and synchronize these efforts: “I appreciate A&K Global Health for modeling the importance of great teamwork in an organization…there is absolutely no isolation in the duties performed by anyone, and this plays a key role in fostering staff relations. There is a lot of solidarity among staff members…whenever there’s a situation, everyone comes through to be there for their colleague. I have also seen great professionalism at A&K Global Health. There is a lot of respect for work, and an open door policy that encourages everyone to work with transparency, honesty, integrity, accountability, and confidentiality.”

On August 16th, the final day of her internship, A&K Global Health’s Nairobi office celebrated Eva’s contributions with an appreciation ceremony and a cake. A&K Global Health CEO, Mr. Darwin, shared his thanks and remarks. “As both a thought leader and a practical trailblazer in healthcare management,” he said, “it’s our great privilege to introduce Eva, and the next generation of leaders like her, to our work.”

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health CEO, Morgan Darwin (left), and intern, Eva Bibiana Gulavi (center), listen as former A&K Global Health client, Sophia Momanyi (right) shares how our services helped her find healing. Eva’s encounter with Ms. Momanyi is just one example of how her internship with A&K Global Health exposed her to the spectrum of professional activities involved in global healthcare management.

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