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Iraqi doctor brings passion to patient care & health policy alike

Oct 6, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Dr. Dara Rashid Mahmood of Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, is in many ways an ordinary man. He is 40 years old, the proud father of three children. But Dr. Dara is also extraordinary, and his work is changing the landscape of healthcare management in Iraqi Kurdistan and nationwide.

A radiologist by training, Dr. Dara serves as General Director for Medical Issues in the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Health (MOH). He is also Head of the Cancer Patient Support Fund.

A&K Global Health was introduced to Dr. Dara in early 2013. Later that year, we partnered with the KRG MOH to manage the travel and treatment of all patients requiring care outside Iraq for thalassemia and malignant blood disorders. We soon began managing overseas liver transplants as well. To date, we have facilitated KRG-sponsored care – including treatments, consultations, and second opinions – within Iraq and abroad for more than 3,620 individuals.

Over nearly three years of working with the KRG MOH, we have witnessed how Dr. Dara’s dedication to improving Kurdish healthcare management impacts his community. He is passionate about serving his patients, always striving to provide the best care solutions despite the challenges faced by Kurdistan and Iraq. And he holds himself to the same high standard for exceptional care and service that A&K Global Health practices with each one of our clients.

But Dr. Dara has not stopped at aiding his fellow Iraqis through conventional means. His drive to realize comprehensive healthcare management throughout Iraq has also compelled him to help institute quality control for medications available on the Iraqi market; to support Peshmerga fighters combatting the Islamic State by providing health supplements and assisting the wounded; and to open clinics and laboratories in rural areas of Iraqi Kurdistan.

In addition, Dr. Dara initiated the bone marrow transplant (BMT) program in Kurdistan for both thalassemia and malignant blood disease. This program currently sends abroad patients with these complex conditions for care, as well as for other specialized procedures, including PET scans, liver transplantation, and various oncology treatments.

Dr. Dara shares another priority with A&K Global Health, too: even as he assists patients urgently needing care overseas, he also seeks opportunities to invest in training and professional development for Iraqi physicians with the goal to eventually establish domestic diagnostic and treatment facilities for these acute conditions and specialty areas. Already, Dr. Dara has presided over the opening of the first autologous BMT center in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan.

We are pleased to spread the word about the work that Dr. Dara and individuals like him are doing to bring vital medical care and health system development to their home countries. A&K Global Health is also proud to note that after several years of serving Iraqi Kurdistan, our medical travel and care management expertise is now available throughout Iraq.

A&K Global Health is dedicated to expanding quality healthcare to all corners of each country where we work. Contact us for a personal consultation about your medical needs.

In the photograph above: Dr. Dara Rashid Mahmood, a dynamic healthcare changemaker in Iraqi Kurdistan, serves as the KRG MOH General Director for Medical Issues and as Head of the Cancer Patient Support Fund.

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