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Hundreds across Kenya attend healthcare access & awareness events

Oct 12, 2016 / A&K Global Health

It’s that time again! – time for an update on A&K Global Health’s ongoing health advocacy events in Kenya. Our single-minded focus on managing healthcare deliverables within the borders of each country where we work has generated great progress in Kenya since our last update this summer.

At each of these events, our goal is the same: helping you obtain the highest quality, most affordable healthcare for your needs and benefit fully from your medical insurance coverage. We do this by sharing about our collaboration with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to offer specialized treatment, both locally and overseas. Our staff in Mombasa, Kisumu, and Eldoret have recently encountered some remarkable stories as they spread this empowering message:

On July 22, A&K Global Health addressed 160 disciplined service members at Shimo La Tewa/Shanzu Prison. “The officers were grateful – most were unaware of what their NHIF benefits entitle them to,” said Bernard Ademba, A&K Global Health Mombasa Operations Officer. “Right now, we are facilitating care in India for our fifth patient from this prison’s staff so far in 2016. And our sixth patient is preparing to travel later this month.”

On August 1, 102 officers from Kabarnet Prison welcomed A&K Global Health’s Eldoret presenters – and a live testimony from one of their colleagues, our former patient Samuel Kitum! Last year Samuel traveled with A&K Global Health to India for thyroid cancer treatment. He’s now healthy, happily back at work, and eager to share his A&K Global Health healing experience.

On August 10, our Kisumu staff worked with two audiences: one of health professionals for a continuing medical education event, and the other of county government officials whom we addressed at a Kisumu County Heads of Departments meeting. The crowded rooms at each event demonstrated the high interest in our outreach!

On August 12 and 16, A&K Global Health continued with additional presentations at Kisumu County meetings, reaching over 80 staff members. “We had a particularly interactive meeting on 16th, as our former client Florah Ambani spoke on her experience with A&K Global Health,” said Lencer Misiani, our Kisumu Marketing Executive/Care Consultant. “Her testimony was an added advantage for other attendees…many people wanted to hear more about her journey with us. We have similar events scheduled for this quarter, too.”

On September 13, our Eldoret team gave a lunch presentation to 102 Iten Police Officers. “Epilepsy, cardiology, kidney transplantation, and orthospine are all specialty treatment areas with which we’re now assisting patients reached through this event,” said Cornelius Rop, A&K Global Health Eldoret Operations Officer.

As these events demonstrate, A&K Global Health is determined to expand healthcare and awareness nationwide in Kenya – and everywhere we work. Follow us on social media to find out more, and to be the first to know about a potential upcoming live stream of one of our presentations!

In the photograph above: Samuel Kitum (squatting), a former A&K Global Health patient healed from thyroid cancer, joyfully shared his testimony with an audience of his colleagues at Kabarnet Prison in August.

In the photograph below: Lencer Misiani, A&K Global Health’s Marketing Executive/Care Consultant, addressed a large assembly of Kisumu County government officials about their NHIF benefits. Our successful meetings in August have led to the establishment of a series of presentations for Kisumu County employees on how A&K Global Health can help them access their medical coverage for care at home or abroad.

Kisumu County Meeting Kenya

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