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Hip replacement success leads patient back to A&K Global Health

Mar 24, 2017 / A&K Global Health

Margaret Wanjiru, 52, of Nairobi, Kenya was born with a dislocated hip joint. She had undergone numerous procedures throughout her life to correct it, but to no avail: a failed hip replacement surgery in 1998 was followed a decade later by an accident that compounded her troubles. Nonetheless, she remained determined to find the right corrective surgery.

“In 2013, I started developing pain on the same hip, so I decided to seek further treatment,” says Margaret. “I visited NHIF, and they advised me that I can come to India through A&K [Global Health].”

With National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) sponsorship, A&K Global Health’s Nairobi and Bangalore teams facilitated Margaret’s journey to BGS Global Hospital, where she finally underwent a fully successful hip replacement in 2014.

“I chose BGS because my doctor back at home advised me that I could come here and meet Dr. Basavaraj and the entire ortho team, who could do a good job on me,” Margaret explains, referencing Dr. Basavaraj C.M., Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Consultant at BGS Global Hospital, who ultimately led the team of surgeons who performed her hip replacement. “The [local] A&K team [did] a good job also because they kept in constant touch with me…they facilitated everything. And there was a big difference between [when I left Kenya and when I returned home], because after the surgery I was in no more pain! I was able to do most of the things I could not do initially.”

Although Margaret’s case was challenging, Dr. Basavaraj and his colleagues prevailed: “She had a failed total hip replacement which…was complicated with a fracture around the hip, so in her case, most of the bone which is here” – Dr. Basavaraj uses a model of the hip to illustrate – “was missing. It was a challenge to reconstruct that bone. We used trabecular metal, made up of tantalum, to reconstruct the bony defects that she had, and we also took bone allographs to reconstruct the inner defect that she had on the cup side.”

“I would like to thank the entire ortho team at BGS Global Hospital, because they did a good job on me and other patients…I thank them for all the quality services they are providing to their patients, both international and local. I would also like to thank A&K Global Health for the good work they [did] – they visited us all the time at the hospital and the guesthouse, they [kept] calling to know how we [were] doing. I would also like to thank NHIF back in [Kenya] because they [funded] my coming here.”

So satisfied was Margaret with her 2014 A&K Global Health experience that in autumn 2016, she returned to BGS Global Hospital for a review of her hip replacement and other medical appointments. Hear Margaret describe her health journeys herself in this short video:

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