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Heart Disease During Pregnancy

Mar 1, 2017 / A&K Global Health

Do you know a mom-to-be who has a heart disease, and is worried about how that will affect her child? Read on to learn about heart disease in pregnancy.

What happens in an expecting mother with heart disease?

The heart is a blood-pumping machine, and blood carries oxygen. In pregnancy, the demand on the heart increases. If the pump is not working well, the baby may not get the oxygen it requires and may not grow well, or may be born prematurely.

The symptoms of pregnancy complications due to heart disease can be similar to general pregnancy side effects – so what are the specific symptoms to look for?

What can be done to avoid heart disease-related complications in pregnancy?

While it is not entirely possible to prevent heart defects in babies, it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy by seeking care at the right time and following the lifestyle guidelines described above.

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