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Healthcare & continuing medical education events reach over 320

Jul 6, 2016 / A&K Global Health

In May, A&K Global Health conducted a series of healthcare awareness and medical screening events across Kenya, in conjunction with local hospitals and visiting specialists from two of our Indian hospital partners. These events connected patients to personal, advanced care consultations, and educated them on their National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) benefits for both local doctors and clinics as well as international medical treatment. A&K Global Health’s advocacy events also strengthened Kenyan healthcare through continuing medical education (CME) and professional exchange between Indian specialists and their Kenyan counterparts.

On May 5th, A&K Global Health’s Mombasa staff addressed Kilifi County hospital heads regarding the new, comprehensive benefits all NHIF members now enjoy, including medical travel coverage. “The 68 participants included our former patients, who were happy to learn of the partnership between A&K Global Health and the NHIF that has now made advanced medical treatment accessible to them,” said Bernard Ademba, a Mombasa Operations Officer. “One of our former beneficiaries also applauded A&K Global Health for the treatment of her daughter, who is now fully recovered.”

Our Mombasa team and the visiting Indian specialists next traveled to Mombasa County, where Pandya Memorial Hospital hosted a medical consultation camp on May 6th and 7th featuring orthopedist Dr. Pradeep Bhosale of Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai and cardiologist Dr. Amit Kumar Malik of BLK Hospital in New Delhi. The doctors advised 62 new and returning patients seeking treatment options for joint and heart conditions. Drs. Bhosale and Malik also took time in Mombasa to share their expertise with the medical community through a CME roundtable for six local physicians on current trends in advanced surgeries.

Following these successful events in eastern Kenya, Drs. Malik and Bhosale traveled to A&K Global Health’s Eldoret office for two days of events in western Kenya. On May 9th and 10th, Reale Hospital hosted the Nanavati, BLK and A&K Global Health team as we conducted a medical camp for 241 orthopedic and cardiology patients. This overwhelming turnout included former A&K Global Health patients whose earlier, successful travel and treatment encouraged them to again take advantage of locally offered, specialty medical consultations to continue pursuing their optimal health.

The week’s travels concluded with a second physicians’ roundtable to familiarize Eldoret doctors with opportunities and best practices for referring patients to India for specialty care, including cutting-edge cardiothoracic and orthopedic surgeries. The 12 local doctors present learned about current surgical advances, and were also keen to access short observership programs in conjunction with BLK Hospital. “This initiative was well received by the BLK team, and A&K Global Health shall coordinate such programs in the coming months,” affirmed Reuben Kangogo, A&K Global Health’s Kenya Operations Director.

In the photograph above: Reuben Kangogo, A&K Global Health’s Kenya Operations Director, addresses Kilifi County hospital heads in a health policy awareness and care advocacy session, explaining how new NHIF coverage now extends to A&K Global Health’s comprehensive healthcare management and medical travel services that can help their patients heal.

Patients at Eldoret Medical Camp For Blog Post

Patients in Eldoret stay comfortable in the shade while they wait for personal consultations with visiting cardiology and orthopedic specialists during the recent A&K Global Health-coordinated medical camp.

Dr. Amit Kumar Malik, Senior Cardiologist with BLK Hospital in New Delhi, India, consults with two of the 21 cardiology patients who attended A&K Global Health’s recent Mombasa medical camp at Pandya Memorial Hospital. Combined, the A&K Global Health-coordinated medical camps in Mombasa and Eldoret provided specialty care consultations to over 300 patients.

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