Institutions & Government Agencies

For Institutions and Government Agencies

Healthcare institutions and government agencies have a lot of options when deciding what healthcare services to cover for their members or employees. Why not include medical travel benefits when considering these options? The unique advantages of medical travel allow these organizations to maximize beneficiary satisfaction while reducing overall cost through our healthcare management and health concierge services.

You know your employees and plan members value their quality healthcare. Offering medical travel and services at the world’s leading hospitals is just another way to add value to (and build loyalty for) your organization. Our expert travel management experience eliminates effort and expense when navigating the complex international healthcare landscape. Within our network, you choose the level of hospital and physician certification, service, and assistance that your employees and plan members can access. By using Agile Global Health, you can guarantee you are offering beneficiaries the best possible treatment and customer care at the lowest cost in a network of reputable international hospitals that meet your geographical preferences.

Some of the government agencies and institutions we partner with:








For Patients

Agile Global Health works with nonprofits, government agencies, and insurance companies to help offset the cost of medical care, if needed. Please contact us for more information so we can connect you to an organization that may be able to help you with your medical travel needs.


“Thank you so much for the assistance awarded to me. Your staff were very helpful, especially Mr. Sushant, who was always here to assist me and Biye who is in Kenya, who was very helpful to get the travel ready. I take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful hospitality and for making my treatment successful. Thank you!

- Jamal Omar

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