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Formerly bedridden client leaves Agile’s care on her own two feet

Oct 12, 2017 / Agile Global Health

Millicent Wanjiku Maina, 47, was bedridden when she first met Agile Global Health. After 20 years of rheumatoid arthritis, Millicent’s disease severely restricted her abilities and caused her continual pain. Her local doctors in Nairobi, Kenya had been unable to alleviate her suffering.

“Agile Global Health gave us the whole idea of how we can come to India,” says Millicent. “Eucabeth in Nairobi gave us some very productive information on how to do it – and especially that it did seem doable.”

With National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) sponsorship, Millicent traveled to the Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, India, where she underwent a successful knee replacement surgery. But her care managers at Agile Global Health knew this was only the beginning of her journey to wellness. The root cause of Millicent’s many pains was her rheumatoid arthritis; without targeted treatment and consistent follow-up care for that condition, periodic health crises – like the need for joint replacements – would continue to arise.

Agile advised Millicent accordingly, and using her NHIF benefits, she returned to India six months later for review by her orthopedic surgeon and rheumatologist.

“I’m Dr. Divya Aggarwal, Consultant Rheumatologist at Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurgaon,” Millicent’s rheumatologist introduces herself. “When Mrs. Millicent came to us, she underwent surgery, but along with that we also put her on medication for rheumatoid arthritis, and after taking medicine she felt much better. She has come back to us after six months, we have reviewed her case, and we’ve found that investigations are much better. Her disability has improved and her disease activity has become tremendously better. Her tender joints, her swollen joints, her early morning stiffness have all improved. When she came to us she was bedridden…today she walked to the OPD, she walked to the ward to talk to us…I have examined her joints and her disease activity has almost gone down to minimal disease.”

“I can say the bedridden person who arrived in India, but who is now discharged on crutches, goes on with improvement, goes on with treatment,” Millicent affirms, with dedication in her voice. “I want to thank Agile Global Health for their care and their link with NHIF, not forgetting the personnel who were there and are there even now for my recovery.

“And now, to my fellow Kenyans: I want to tell them that they should taste what I have tasted. People in need, patients and clients in need particularly, they should taste what I have tasted. I have seen, and they should come see with me, the depth, the width, the breadth of what NHIF is capable of doing. It is an organization that can take us far, especially in alleviating pain and rehabilitating health. Thank you!”

Hear Millicent describe her extraordinary healing experience in her own words in this short video:

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“Special thanks to Agile Global Health for the helping hand you are offering clients like me. May God bless you all.

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