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“I felt as if my life was over…then a friend told me about A&K Global Health”

Aug 24, 2016 / A&K Global Health

For three years, Peris Muhache Jembe of Mombasa, Kenya suffered from severe back pain that traveled down her legs, making her unable to stand or walk at times. Only 47 years old, Peris’s condition made her feel aged and often incapable of doing her job as a lab technologist. “They could not operate on me [here in Kenya], so I felt as if my life was over. I was always on my bed, crying, not able to go to work – I was very discouraged. Then a friend told me about A&K Global Health.”

Peris’s friend had undergone surgery managed by A&K Global Health, and was so happy with her recovery that she encouraged Peris to ask for our help, too. “Biye told me all about it,” Peris said of her introduction to A&K Global Health Care Consultant Biye Maalim. “I gave her my MRI and my x-rays. Within no time she processed everything, she helped me choose the best hospital [for me]…from there, my journey started.”

Peris’s journey moved quickly: within two weeks, Biye had prepared all Peris’s travel documents and medical appointments with Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India. Biye also coordinated all financial aspects of Peris’s case with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), which paid for her travel and treatment. “By the time we got to the airport,” Peris remembers, “the A&K Global Health people were already there…the reception was fantastic!” Our Bangalore Operations Officers whisked Peris to the hospital to meet Dr. Thomas J. Kishen of Manipal’s Spine Care Centre. “He requested other tests, which were done immediately! We didn’t [waste] time.”

Peris promptly underwent decompression surgery to alleviate the pain caused by pinched nerves. “She was out of bed and walking on day two or three, out of hospital by around five to six days, and now two weeks down the line, she’s comfortably walking around…and she’s going to continue to improve the next few months,” Dr. Kishen proudly reported.

“Everything went smoothly, I recovered fully,” Peris said. “The A&K team was always there for me, they were always coming to check my condition…they were so good to me.” Peris credits her speedy healing to A&K Global Health’s professional healthcare management and continuous personal caring. Her doctor noticed our impact, too. “In fact, every time Dr. Thomas used to see me he used to be happy,” Peris recalls, “because of the improvement, and because of the way I was happy.”

Now free of the pain she thought she’d never live without, Peris also encourages others to reach out to the NHIF and A&K Global Health with their health challenges. “I would advise everybody who has a similar problem to go to them, because they’re very ready to help us come for further treatment to specialized doctors in India.”

Peris is right: we are ready to help, whatever your medical concern. Hear Peris’s full story in this short video, and contact us today to learn how we can support your unique health needs.

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