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Why facilitation is not enough: Agile Global Health leads workshop at Temos International Conference

Dec 21, 2017 / Agile Global Health

North Carolina, USA – December 21, 2017: From December 3rd-5th, Agile Global Health was privileged to participate in and guide discussion at the 8th annual Temos International Conference, “Healthcare Abroad and Medical Tourism,” in Düsseldorf, Germany.

At last year’s summit, Agile Global Health leadership attended as a Temos-certified partner and featured panelist; during the event, the company was also awarded Diplomatic Council recognition. This year, Agile was invited to facilitate a workshop as a prominent thought leader in healthcare management.

Along with fellow Temos-certified medical travel facilitator France Surgery, Agile Global Health led a workshop on the theme of quantifying the role of facilitator. The focus was on the management functions and expertise inherent to successful pre-operative, peri-operative, and post-operative outcomes.

“Agile Global Health and France Surgery share the vision that sending medical travelers to a certain healthcare provider should be based on robust data about past performance of the provider, as well as on previous vetting,” said Dr. Rainer Hilgenfeld, Agile’s Chief Medical Officer and one of the organization’s leaders who facilitated the Temos workshop. “The workshop showed that even two very different facilitators – different because France Surgery receives patients in France and distributes them to its network of hospitals, while Agile sends patients to the most suitable provider among our network of hundreds of hospitals worldwide based on the affordability and availability of appropriate healthcare solutions as close to the patient’s home as possible – agree that medical travel should be more than just repeatedly sending patients to the same hospital where the facilitator has a contact, as is often the case in the business today.”

Said Morgan Darwin, Agile Global Health’s CEO, “We strongly believe there need to be reliable, respected standards of accountability and transparency. The role of management is critical to patients…even if they travel to a good hospital, it’s still expert management that gets them the best care at the best value, as quickly as possible, and returns and reintegrates them skillfully into their home healthcare system. That’s one reason we love participating in this kind of event: it’s a chance to really drive home for others in the healthcare sector the message that facilitation is not enough, and that real, meaningful healthcare management is a much more complex offering needed globally.”

“Many thanks to our speakers, chairs, workshop moderators, exhibitors, participants, and colleagues from all over the world for their great contributions and a successful conference 2017,” posted Temos on its Facebook page following the event’s conclusion. “Congratulations to the Diplomatic Council-awarded hospitals, clinics, and medical travel coordinators!”

In the photograph below: Morgan Darwin, CEO of Agile Global Health, guides a workshop at the recent Temos International Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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