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Exceptional care management drives recovery: Jacob’s Story

Feb 11, 2016 / A&K Global Health

In 2014, Jacob Mosiori Michira was injured in an accident that landed him in a wheelchair. Only two weeks after the incident, he was discharged from the hospital in his native Kenya and sent home. One year later, frustrated by his stymied recovery, Jacob decided to seek a second opinion on his condition through medical experts in the capitol city of Nairobi.

Jacob’s first stop was Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), which for years has funded medical travel for care not available domestically for civil servants and the armed services – a benefit that will soon be extended to all NHIF members. It was through the NHIF that Jacob was introduced to A&K Global Health.

Jacob visited the A&K Global Health office personally to meet our national director and inquire about how we could assist him. Through the guidance of our Care Consultants, Jacob came to understand that his condition and NHIF benefits entitled him to treatment abroad. Equally important, A&K Global Health informed him that his wife, Esther Nzioka, was eligible to accompany him as an attendant. Jacob’s eyes grow wide as he recalls the moment when he learned that he had international care options that could be covered by the NHIF: “Now, that’s when it was possible to get the information, regarding NHIF comprehensive [coverage]…through A&K Global [Health] Nairobi.”

A&K Global Health contacted our partner hospitals in India regarding Jacob’s case; Manipal Hospital in Bangalore responded. “I have to thank A&K Global [Health] for making it possible for me to travel to India…because they’re the ones who sent this information on my condition outside, to the world.” Jacob smiles. “So, you can see, I’m on the path to recovery.” And indeed he was. With NHIF financial support and A&K Global Health facilitating all facets of their journey, Jacob and Esther traveled from Nairobi, Kenya to Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India last autumn. They spent nearly two months there while Jacob underwent intensive physical therapy to increase his mobility and independence in daily tasks. With his hard work and the tireless encouragement of his physical therapists, Jacob was able to regain his ability to stand upright and even to make limited movements using a walker.

Jacob and Esther were amazed by both the medical professionalism and genuine caring attitude of Manipal’s staff: “I should clearly remember to thank the Manipal team, led by my doctor, Dr. Naveen. They were very close, closer than friends…and his team of physical therapists, nurses, the administration, they were of great help…they have indeed helped me to recover,” Jacob affirms. His wife echoes his sentiments: “In fact I’ve never seen such…friendliness…in a place like this, especially in hospitals where there are many people. But here, in fact, everybody [has been] social and friendly to us. I thank them.”

Beyond their emphatic satisfaction with Manipal Hospital, Jacob and Esther’s experience with A&K Global Health’s Bangalore team stands out in their memories. “A&K Global India, good people. I have no word to describe them because they have been coming to see us every day, every hour, they’re with us, they call us, give us every assistance we need. I think [there’s] nobody we can – nobody we can equate to them,” says Jacob.

A special moment came on his birthday, which happened to fall during his stay at Manipal Hospital. A&K Global Health’s Operations Officers surprised him by bringing a celebration right to his hospital room! Jacob recalls, “They were here to celebrate my birthday, in hospital – nice cake, everything nice…” Jacob and his wife shake their heads as if still overwhelmed by the support of their A&K Global Health Operations Officers in Bangalore. “I enjoyed that day,” Jacob says. Esther agrees, and brings her palms to her heart in a gesture of gratitude. “What a wonderful love to us. So I thank you so much, A&K Global Health.”

You can hear Jacob and Esther share more about their experiences in this short video:

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“My overall experience with A&K Global Health has been excellent. I was prepared to travel by the team in Rwanda and met by AKGH staff in Bangalore when I arrived. I am very satisfied with the Apollo Hospital; I received a very good treatment there.

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