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Employee longevity pays tribute to A&K Global Health’s values

Mar 16, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Integrity, transparency, service, trust. At A&K Global Health, each of these values is inherent in our work to expand healthcare access, increase treatment quality and advance care management around the world. But we don’t only apply these values to serving our clients. These same principles, deeply embedded in our internal structure, guide our selection of and interaction with each member of our partner network as well as our team. And our employees themselves point to these qualities as the reason they love being a part of this organization.

The story of Jasmeet Singh Chatrath, one of our longest-serving staff, illustrates these values in action. Jasmeet was first introduced to A&K Global Health when the company was still a young startup with a brand new executive leadership team. Employed at that time by a hospital which our then Chief Executive Officer Mark Erwin (now former CEO) and then Chief Operations Officer Morgan Darwin (now current CEO) were visiting, Jasmeet was assigned to give them a tour of the facility.

“While showing them around, I was asking about A&K Global Health,” Jasmeet remembers, “because it was still in its initial stages, and I saw a lot of opportunity in the company.” Jasmeet was inspired by Mark and Morgan’s personable interest in individuals, their passion for revolutionizing healthcare management, and the opportunity to talk directly with them – the company’s top executives – about his ideas and questions. Shortly thereafter, he approached A&K Global Health about employment and was hired.

Over the nearly four years since Jasmeet joined us, our organization has experienced transformative growth. Jasmeet’s role within A&K Global Health has followed a parallel trajectory. Through his enthusiasm for hard work and dedication to our patients, the man who started as only our fourth employee in India has now become our Operations Manager for the whole northern part of the country. Jasmeet acknowledges that the space created by A&K Global Health leaders for him to creatively thrive in his position was essential to the dynamic expansion of the company, as well as key to his personal development.

“The best thing about working for A&K Global Health is the freedom to make a decision on my own. My superiors have complete faith and trust in me and in my decisions, which gives me the greatest sense of responsibility toward my job,” Jasmeet shares. “I am currently handling a team of seven people in Delhi, including three Assistant Managers, three Operations Officers and a Kurdish translator. I manage these employees’ shift scheduling, professional duties and patient engagements. Additionally, I regularly visit the more than 12 hospitals in Delhi where A&K Global Health refers patients to meet and assist them…listening to their queries, providing support at their medical consultations, admissions and discharges, and recording all these interactions in our company’s custom-innovated, cloud-based healthcare management portal.” Each of Jasmeet’s activities helps enable the seamless continuity of care and exceptionally high customer service standards for which A&K Global Health is known. And taken together, they collectively advance the professionalism of healthcare management as a field that is saving and changing lives globally each day.

Jasmeet’s passion for this kind of human impact extends beyond A&K Global Health. “Apart from my job, which is my topmost priority, I have a keen interest in helping people suffering under disadvantaged financial conditions. My dream is to open a nongovernmental organization (NGO) benefitting blind children, covering their education and providing them with the maximum level of support that I can.” As a company founded by individuals with big ideas and the resolve to see them realized, A&K Global Health is proud to count among our team many members with similar goals and tenacity.

Of his time with A&K Global Health to date, Jasmeet says, “It has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much from this organization. Every day is a new learning experience, a chance to meet new challenges…it feels really great when your works get appreciated, which is the most professional thing about A&K Global Health.”

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