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“Awesome” response to Fortis, A&K Global Health medical camps

Apr 19, 2017 / A&K Global Health

A&K Global Health is proud to announce the success of recent medical camps in Kisumu and Kisii, Kenya, held in conjunction with our partner Fortis Hospitals of India. Through our relationships with local medical facilities, Fortis’s visiting oncology and orthopedic specialists spent four days in February providing free consultations to a huge patient turnout.

On February 24th and 25th, the Fortis doctors received 205 patients at St. Luke Medical Center in Kisumu, where they also conducted a continuing medical education (CME) event for local physicians. And after a day of travel to relocate to Ram Hospital in Kisii, they consulted with 464 additional patients there on February 27th and 28th.

“The camp was awesome!” Reuben Kangogo, A&K Global Health Kenya Operations Director, enthusiastically reported. “This was one of the highest attendance rates we’ve ever seen over four days of consultations…the visiting team averaged nearly 170 patients per day. Incredible!”

As usual, since the camp’s end, A&K Global Health’s staff has been hard at work following up with attendees who were assessed to be candidates for local or international treatment. We’ve also been busy planning and executing other similar events that connect Kenyans with affordable and high-quality local, regional, and global healthcare options to meet their individual needs. From a cardiac screening camp to identify candidates for the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) heart surgery program, to the first-ever medical camp in central Kenya featuring foreign specialists, A&K Global Health’s activities and partnerships are continually maximizing care access, quality, and affordability for our clients, in Kenya and around the globe. Reports on these and other events are coming soon…check our blog regularly and follow us on social media so you don’t miss a single detail!

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health staff members assist patients at St. Luke Medical Center in Kisumu, Kenya, which recently hosted oncology and orthopedic specialists from India’s Fortis Hospital for a very highly attended two-day medical camp. Fortis’s doctors also offered a camp in Kisii, consulting with more than 650 patients between the two events, both of which were organized and coordinated by A&K Global Health.

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