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Artemis Hospital recognizes A&K Global Health with exemplary service award

Apr 5, 2017 / A&K Global Health

Have you ever had a “good problem,” a challenge whose very existence was a measure of success? A&K Global Health’s team in New Delhi, India was recently presented with one such happy predicament.

Artemis Hospital, one of our partner facilities, had organized an event to present selected honorees with certificates of appreciation for exemplary service to its hospital and patients; A&K Global Health was among those to be honored. Fortunately and unfortunately, our exponential growth has been keeping our New Delhi staff busy around the clock caring for our many new clients – so we were unable to send a representative to the Artemis Hospital presentation.

Artemis Hospital correctly recognized our absence as one more sign of A&K Global Health’s tireless dedication to our patients: they always come first, no matter what the issue or what time of day or night. So Artemis decided the best chance to pin us down to present this award was to catch us in the act of the great service for which they were commending us! They did just that early last month.

“During one of my regular visits to check in with our clients at Artemis Hospital, the administration awarded A&K Global Health with their institution’s certificate of appreciation, in recognition of our dedicated service,” said Jasmeet Singh, Delhi Operations Manager for A&K Global Health. Mr. Diveya Shah, Artemis Hospital’s Deputy General Manager for International Marketing, presented the award to Mr. Singh.

“On behalf of the A&K Global Health family, I received the award and thanked the entire Artemis Hospital team,” said Mr. Singh. “It is great to be appreciated by our partners, and it’s exciting to know that this year we will be able to share the same quality services for which Artemis Hospital awarded us with even more patients than ever before.”

In the photograph above: Jasmeet Singh, Delhi Operations Manager (left), receives an exemplary service award on behalf of A&K Global Health from Mr. Diveya Shah, Artemis Hospital’s Deputy General Manager for International Marketing.

A&K Global Health

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“The communication between my Care Consultant and myself was great. I would like to show a deep appreciation for Mr. Zamirul, our Indian Operations Officer in New Delhi. The doctors in India recommended radiotherapy for my treatment so I will be traveling again and I will be using AKGH’s services.

- Ismael Kareem

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