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A&K Global Health makes patient birthdays special, even in hospital

Mar 24, 2016 / A&K Global Health

No one hopes to spend a birthday in the hospital. But for many A&K Global Health patients, the necessity of treatment overrides such preferences, and they find themselves far from family, friends and the comforts of home on their special day. Because of this, we’ve developed a tradition of celebrating life with our patients no matter where they find themselves on their birthday. Last month brought two particularly memorable “hospital parties.”

On February 2, 2016, Margaret Kanyua Nathaniel of Kenya marked her 50th birthday at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India, where she was recovering from a bilateral knee replacement. Margaret already considered the gift of her successful surgery to be enough – and walking independently and pain-free after more than 15 years of suffering was indeed a blessing worth celebrating! Nonetheless, A&K Global Health wanted to ensure that Margaret’s momentous semicentennial was honored in its own right. Our Bangalore Operations Officers did so by arranging a special cake and surprising her in her hospital room. Our other A&K Global Health patients currently staying at Manipal Hospital also joined in the festivities.

Afterward, Margaret shared with our Bangalore team that this birthday was very meaningful to her because she had reached the 50-year milestone of life. She thanked A&K Global Health for remembering her birthday, and for celebrating with her while she was away from her family. Margaret even noted that, for the rest of her years, she would never forget this “special birthday.”

Another unique celebration took place just a few weeks later. On February 19, 2016, Anne Gakii Murungi welcomed her 38th birthday, as well as a distinctive guest of honor at the hospital party that A&K Global Health threw for her…our Chief Executive Officer, Morgan Darwin! Anne, likewise from Kenya and being treated at Manipal Hospital, was doubly surprised on her birthday to encounter not just a beautiful cake presented by her Operations Officers and fellow A&K Global Health patients at Manipal, but also a one-on-one opportunity to share her healthcare management experience with Mr. Darwin and with our Director of Treatment Management in Bangalore, Ms. Saraladevi Gangadhara. That evening, Anne sent a special message of thanks to the A&K Global Health Bangalore team for arranging the celebration, a welcome chance for some relaxation and revelry in the midst of her treatment for breast cancer.

The common thread between these and all our hospital celebrations with patients – be they for birthdays, local or home country holidays, recoveries, or sometimes a combination of occasions – is that A&K Global Health considers each of our clients a member of our family. When we serve them, we provide not only our highest standard of professional health management. We also offer our personal empathy and authentic caring. This deliberate attention to the forging bonds with our patients as they confront their health challenges is a hallmark of A&K Global Health’s service, and we look forward each day to finding the interpersonal moments that transform successful medical outcomes into overall positive patient experiences.

In the photograph above: The cake presented by A&K Global Health to our patient Margaret Kanyua Nathaniel glows brightly with candles as she and the A&K Global Health team celebrate her 50th birthday at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India.

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