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A&K Global Health Quest for Medical Travel Excellence now certified by Temos

Jul 13, 2016 / A&K Global Health

This April, A&K Global Health became the first U.S.-based healthcare manager to earn Temos certification for our medical travel services. “We are very honored to be associated with Temos and I am proud that A&K Global Health will be a Temos partner [going forward],” said Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health CEO.

Temos stands for Trust, effective medicine, and optimized services. It is a leading, independent organization in Germany with offices in many other countries, including Cyprus, Greece, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Oman, the Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Temos supports medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, dental practices, and rehabilitation centers worldwide in their efforts to improve quality. At the same time, Temos helps patients distinguish the most reliable, best quality healthcare options around the globe through its recognized and trusted certifications.

“When you see the Temos seal of approval on an organization, you can be absolutely confident that any service they provide to you will be of the utmost medical and experiential quality,” explained Mr. Darwin. “That is the peace of mind our current clients know they have when they allow A&K Global Health to manage their healthcare needs. And our new Temos certification will help give many new clients the same assurance that, with A&K Global Health, they are in the best of hands.”

Since 2012, A&K Global Health has helped over 1600 patients from ten countries across East African and the Middle East to identify, access, and benefit from quality healthcare at the right national, regional, or international destination for their individual condition and unique needs. From our first patient to those in our care right now, we have been fully dedicated to providing best quality medical, financial, and experiential outcomes for each client we serve. As Temos launched a quality program for medical travel coordinators in 2015, A&K Global Health was eager to add this certification to our standing as an industry leader.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome A&K Global Health as the first medical travel coordinator from the United States as [a] Temos partner. Congratulations!” said Dr. Claudia Mika, Founder and CEO of Temos International. “It has been a pleasure to understand how A&K Global Health is serving and supporting patients and [their] relatives worldwide.”

The Temos mission to optimize international medical care for travelers and expatriates is naturally aligned with A&K Global Health’s values and our vision for facilitating universal access to quality, affordable, transparent, and comprehensive health management. We are proud to be recognized by Temos for our exceptional commitment to quality in all we do, and we look forward to a productive partnership!

A&K Global Health

A&K Global Health is a worldwide leader in realizing transparent, affordable, effective and innovative solutions to complex health challenges. We connect you with the right care for your needs, from coordinating international medical travel to facilitating quality local and regional treatment. We also optimize the impact of health institutions by introducing transparency, control and customization to the medical, financial and experiential aspects of your journey. A&K Global Health is dedicated to empowering you to reach your highest health. Contact us today to learn how we can support you.


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“We (my daughter and I) are very happy and appreciative of the A&K Global Health team here in India and all their support provided to us. Thank you very much. Much appreciation also goes to Max Hospital staff and Gratien who connected us to you.

- Ms. Mugwiza

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