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A&K Global Health to Manage Nationwide Cardiac Surgery Program in Kenya

Oct 19, 2016 / A&K Global Health

North Carolina, USA – October 19, 2016: Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has announced a bold new program to provide cardiac surgeries locally, addressing a tremendous need among Kenyan citizens while driving major advancements in Kenyan health system capacity.

The nationwide, multi-year Cardiac Care Indicator Project will be funded by the NHIF, and implemented and managed by A&K Global Health.

“Our goal is to support national and local healthcare objectives, providing transparent management of required international care while working with health leaders to safely and ethically build national capacity,” said Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health CEO.

The program will begin treating locally – rather than sending abroad – cardiac disease cases that require low-risk open heart surgery. A&K Global Health will manage all patient care, with a focus on collecting pre-surgery qualifiers of patient health and disease stage and then monitoring outcomes through the entire treatment process. The company will also coordinate with the NHIF, local hospitals, and a group of select care providers and cardio-thoracic surgical teams to provide these services, including facilitating clinical reachback and surge support through its global partners.

The initiative’s purpose is to accurately inform the NHIF of risk associated with local treatment, to improve the triage process for local or international treatment decisions, and to assist local providers in improving their clinical services. These goals are directly aligned with A&K Global Health’s work in partnership with existing healthcare systems in 14 countries to build sustainable economic models that incentivize excellence in care delivery.

“Our role supporting the NHIF’s cardiac program is a clear example of our determination to expand healthcare, and serve as an expert manager of healthcare deliverables and processes, within the national borders of each country where we have a presence,” said Mr. Darwin. “This initiative is in alignment with Kenya’s strategy for increased national capacity, saving the lives of thousands of Kenyans while increasing domestic healthcare self-sufficiency.”

Mr. Darwin was among the approximately 50 people – including NHIF leaders, Kenyan hospital representatives, and A&K Global Health corporate and Kenyan staff – who attended the program’s kickoff meeting in Nairobi on October 3. Interventions are scheduled to begin this month, with the program’s official launch taking place in November.

“We are eager to get started,” said Stephen Makoka, A&K Global Health Kenya National Director. “Our approach is to provide real value to the government and the people. It’s taken four years for us to solidify what that looks like with regard to cardiac care…Kenya has a limited number of surgeons experienced in these procedures, and more than 500 patients urgently requiring open heart surgery. With the support of NHIF funding in combination with A&K Global Health’s international clinical network, we can finally begin addressing these critical needs.”

An update on this program’s initial progress will come in just a few weeks, when A&K Global Health presents the initiative as a case study at the annual Temos conference in Berlin. And because of the importance of custom technology to the program’s rollout, A&K Global Health will soon publish an article explaining how the processes and platforms developed for this initiative correlate to its trans-national healthcare management activities broadly.

That piece will join many others on the A&K Global Health blog, where the company tells the story of its continuing work around the world to serve patients, develop partnerships, and promote solutions that expand and enhance healthcare.

In the photograph above: Stephen Masinde, A&K Global Health Kenya National Director, addresses an audience of NHIF leaders, Kenyan hospital representatives, and A&K Global Health corporate and Kenyan staff who gathered on October 3 in Nairobi for a kickoff meeting of the NHIF’s new Cardiac Care Indicator Project.

In the photograph below: Dr. Elly Nyaim Opot of the NHIF Board of Directors presents his organization’s Cardiac Care Indicator Project to kickoff meeting attendees. The program – funded by the NHIF and implemented by A&K Global Health – will begin providing cardiac surgeries locally rather than overseas, addressing a tremendous need among Kenyan citizens while driving major advancements in Kenyan health system capacity.

Dr. Elly Nyaim Opot of Cardiac Care

A&K Global Health

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