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A&K Global Health holds first certified CME for Rwandan doctors

Aug 3, 2016 / A&K Global Health

A&K Global Health is proud to announce that our services in Rwanda are growing! On April 25th, 2016, we became certified by the Rwanda Medical and Dental Council to conduct continuing medical education (CME) for local healthcare professionals. Less than a month later, we successfully presented our first CME training in Kigali with our partners from Max Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi, India.

Thirty-four Rwandan doctors attended on May 23rd, 2016, to hear Max Hospital’s visiting specialists address three topics pertinent to their local practices. These included common urological problems, especially in the elderly; recent advancements in neuro and spine surgery; and common cancers in Rwanda.

Along with our nationwide CME debut, A&K Global Health also conducted a two-day medical camp hosted by Baho International Hospital to offer individual consultations with Max’s specialists for local residents. These camps are a critical chance for us to connect you with international healthcare providers for procedures not locally available. From your first consultation through your decision to travel, treatment overseas, and post-procedure follow-up with your home doctor, A&K Global Health skillfully manages all aspects of your experience to ensure ease and peace of mind for you and your family throughout the journey.

We regularly facilitate medical camps throughout East Africa with our various hospital partners – most recently in Mombasa and Eldoret, Kakamega, and Kigali – and whenever possible, we also offer CME for local doctors in conjunction with our camps. Now, we are able to add this service to our medical camps in Rwanda. “In addition to connecting our Rwandan patients to urgent and specialty care overseas, we can now formally contribute to the professional development of Rwandan medical providers,” said Gratien Twizeyimana, A&K Global Health’s Representative and Regional Manager for Rwanda, Burundi, East Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. “This kind of CME training transfers current, crucial medical knowledge to local physicians and builds the capacity that they bring to their daily work.”

Even as we continue to facilitate life-changing and life-saving care abroad for patients who require it, we are using our experience and connections within the healthcare systems of East Africa to augment their growth and advance their development. A&K Global Health is here to help you realize your healthcare goals – whether you’re a patient or a family member, a healthcare provider or a government ministry. Follow this blog to learn what we’re doing in your community!

In the photograph above: Thirty-four local doctors attended A&K Global Health’s first continuing medical education (CME) training event in Rwanda in May. With our new certification from the Rwanda Medical and Dental Council to deliver CME in Rwanda, we look forward to bringing many more professional development opportunities to local healthcare providers.

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