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A&K Global Health family “stands” with our patients

Jan 18, 2017 / A&K Global Health

At A&K Global Health, our team members have the privilege of witnessing amazing medical achievements each day – but our patients’ milestones feel personal to us every single time.

While managing care for Margaret Aran of Kisumu, Kenya, during her recent stay at BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore, our Senior Operations Officer Prashant Lakkannavar had one such exciting experience.

“This picture was taken the very next day after our patient Margaret underwent knee replacement surgery,” recalls Prashant. “I was amazed to see her walk with ease! Four days post-surgery, she could walk without a walker’s assistance, and was discharged from the hospital. Seriously a wonderful sight to see…she is very happy to see herself walk in a proper manner and without the incredible pain she had before.”

This joyful photo was only the beginning of positive outcomes for Margaret. With her swift and complete recovery from knee replacement, she was able to undergo a needed spinal surgery just two and a half weeks later. A week after that procedure, Margaret was discharged to the quiet guesthouse where she and her husband were staying between hospital visits. Her Operations Officer reported that “she is now able to walk very long distances…she is happy that she can now accompany her husband for evening walks.” And three weeks after spinal surgery, Margaret’s doctor cleared her to fly home to Kisumu.

We know that our Operations Officers’ diligent care helps enable the speediest and most successful recoveries possible for our patients. But observing our patients reap the results of their own tenacity and effort brings genuine pleasure to our staff, too: it is a continual honor to celebrate our patients overcoming obstacles they never dreamed possible.

Know someone who could benefit from this kind of support in facing their own health challenges? Reach out today to meet your A&K Global Health family. We are here to help.

In the photograph above: Prashant Lakkannavar, left, A&K Global Health Senior Operations Officer, grins as widely as our patient Margaret Aran herself upon witnessing her walking for the first time after a successful knee replacement at BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore, India.

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