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A&K Global Health Expands into the United Arab Emirates, Bringing Expert Healthcare Management to Gulf Region

Jul 27, 2016 / A&K Global Health

North Carolina, USA – July 27, 2016: A&K Global Health is pleased to announce that we have launched operations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Effective June 1, 2016, Arabia Holdings in Dubai, UAE became the newest licensee worldwide to join the A&K Global Health brand.

Arabia Holdings is a group of companies with diverse business activities – including medical services, education, transportation, and hospitality – spread across the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. About two years ago, the group began assisting individuals in these markets seeking overseas medical treatment. Like A&K Global Health, Arabia Holdings also began bringing foreign specialists into the advancing health systems where they worked in order to promote quality health services, upgrade local capacity, and to facilitate skill training and knowledge transfer.

“Arabia Holdings and A&K Global Health share a common vision,” said Zabi Khan, CEO of Trans Middle East Management Consultancy, the Healthcare Division of Arabia Holdings. “Through our partner hospitals, both organizations eliminate uncertainty in the process of receiving quality, safe and affordable overseas medical treatment. Both aim to provide a one-stop solution to health challenges faced by people in their home countries by bridging access to internationally trained and accredited physicians and facilities around the world. The new partnership with A&K Global Health brings a more comprehensive management approach to Arabia Holdings’ healthcare work, allowing us to most effectively pursue our mutual goals together.”

Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health CEO, agrees. “A&K Global Health is excited to bring our industry-leading health management and concierge services to the Emirates,” Mr. Darwin said. “Arabia Holdings’ four decades of work across various sectors of the UAE market, combined with A&K Global Health’s unique expertise in the full spectrum of local to global health management activities, makes our partnership in the UAE timely – our association can help support the Ministry of Health as it seeks to improve healthcare quality, strengthen delivery capacity, and streamline patient management, in particular by developing the city of Dubai to better serve Emiratis and to attract regional and international medical travelers.”

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health and Arabia Holdings leaders celebrate their newly signed partnership agreement. From left to right are Huma Sethi, Arabia Holdings Healthcare Division Senior Manager; F. Rawoof Ali, Arabia Holdings Executive Director; P.S.M. Habibulla, Arabia Holdings Vice Chairman & Managing Director; Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health CEO; Zabi Khan, Arabia Holdings Healthcare Division CEO; and Sridhar Venkatakrishnan, A&K Global Health Business Development Consultant.

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