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A&K Global Health Expands Nationwide in Iraq

Sep 7, 2016 / A&K Global Health

North Carolina, USA – September 7, 2016: A&K Global Health is pleased to announce the expansion of our Iraqi presence.

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On Saturday, August 27th, 2016, A&K Global Health CEO Morgan Darwin and Albasso Company General Manager Hakar Rajab formalized our collaboration to connect individuals throughout Iraq with quality medical treatment, whether at home or overseas. Also in attendance were Albasso Company Administration Manager Mohammed Saber, A&K Global Health Iraq Country Manager Moataz Jaleel, and A&K Global Health Senior Medical Advisor Dr. Kameran Qader. This ceremony made official our partnership, which has in fact been ongoing since August 1st.

Our newest licensee is a local business based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. Albasso Company was founded in 2009 and is involved in multiple industries and activities, including travel and tourism, advertising, IT solutions, real estate, and engineering consulting. They have additional established branches in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan, and have office locations “coming soon” to Baghdad, Basra, and other central and southern Iraqi cities.

Albasso Company’s vision has long been aligned with that of A&K Global Health. “Their plan was to have medical travel activities to care for and send patients abroad,” said Mr. Jaleel. “Through one of our satisfied clients, A&K Global Health got connected with the company and shared our own current activities in this area, as well as our broader vision for managing healthcare systems and serving patients.”

“Albasso Company was excited about the opportunity to become our official licensee throughout broader Iraq, and we as A&K Global Health were eager to reach more Iraqi patients in urgent need of care who reside outside of Kurdistan,” Dr. Qader added. “It was a natural next step to form a partnership.”

If you or someone you know resides in Iraq and is seeking medical advice or specialized care, A&K Global Health can help. Just get in touch with us – whatever your circumstances, we are here to support you and your unique treatment needs.

In the photograph above: Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health CEO (left), and Hakar Rajab, Albasso Company General Manager (right) solidified Saturday’s signing ceremony with a handshake. This new partnership enables A&K Global Health to provide our life-changing and life-saving health management services beyond Iraqi Kurdistan and throughout broader Iraq.

In the photograph below: Present for the agreement signing were, from left to right, A&K Global Health Senior Medical Officer Dr. Kameran Qader; A&K Global Health CEO Morgan Darwin; Albasso Company General Manager Hakar Rajab; A&K Global Health Iraq Country Manager Moataz Jaleel; and Albasso Company Administration Manager Mohammed Saber.

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