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A&K Global Health enables multiple myeloma cure: Abdaljabar’s Story

Apr 27, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Abdaljabar Majeed Ahmed is an optimist. Few individuals would describe a diagnosis of multiple myeloma as inspiring, but with hindsight, Abdaljabar considers this information to have been his first step on what became a miraculous recovery journey. “I visited many doctors in Kurdistan, [Iraq],” his home, Abdaljabar recalls, “but no one was able to identify my actual condition…except one. He diagnosed my condition and gave me hope.” Abdaljabar’s doctor told him that his only chance for a cure would be to undergo a bone marrow transplant (BMT), a highly advanced procedure accompanied by an intricate and long-term treatment regimen – care that he would have to travel outside his country to receive.

Abdaljabar didn’t shirk. “After that my doctor sent my medical file to A&K Global Health,” he said. With the sponsorship of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), A&K Global Health arranged for Abdaljabar’s case to be rapidly transferred to BLK Hospital in New Delhi, India, and for he and his wife to travel to New Delhi from Erbil, Kurdistan.

A&K Global Health received the couple at the airport in New Delhi, orienting them to their new city away from home and settling them into their hotel. The very next morning, A&K Global Health Operations Officers took Abdaljabar to the hospital to begin the initial investigations required prior to treatment – about 15 days in all. Abdaljabar recounts his treatment timeline with precision: “On February 26th, I got admitted for the bone marrow transplant process and started chemotherapy.”

Dr. Dharma Choudhary, Abdaljabar’s doctor and Senior Consultant and Director of the BLK Centre for Bone Marrow Transplant, is enthusiastic when he explains the progression of Abdaljabar’s carefully sequenced treatments. “Today I’m very happy to narrate the successful story of Mr. Abdaljabar Majeed [Ahmed], who came to us with a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. He got some chemotherapy in Erbil back home, and he achieved good control of the disease. He was evaluated here for autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT): a stem cell transplantation where his [own] healthy stem cells are collected and [then] infused after intensive chemotherapy, which kills his marrow completely, meaning any residual disease is eradicated.” This aggressive approach to stymying the cancer is a necessary precursor to successful bone marrow transplant, but it is also exceedingly difficult on the patient. Fortunately, Dr. Dharma smiles, “Mr. Abdal tolerated this treatment very well…even as he looks very frail, he tolerated chemotherapy very well, he tolerated the transplant course very well, and he recovered with minimum problems.”

“After 24 days in the BMT ward, I got discharged from the hospital without any complications,” Abdaljabar proudly affirms, following which he was monitored weekly through the outpatient department. In spite of the remarkable success of his inpatient treatment, Abdaljabar’s outpatient recovery was not without its challenging moments. “Thanks to A&K Global [Health] Operations Officers – they were helping me in all aspects,” Abdaljabar remembers. “One day while I was recovering after the hospital, I got sick around 3:00 a.m., and Operations Officers came and took me to the hospital. Thanks to A&K Global Health for taking good care of me.”

With the support of A&K Global Health, his caregiver and the BLK BMT team, Abdaljabar steadily grew stronger, and he received the news he had dreamt of: “[The] doctors told me that my disease is in control and [my] bone marrow is 95%-100% functional. I can go back home.”

“One thing worth my sharing,” Dr. Dharma acknowledges in celebrating Abdaljabar’s new lease on life, is that “this gentleman would not have been possible if [not for] a medical facilitation company named A&K Global Health, who picked him up from Erbil, found him to be a suitable candidate to undergo ASCT, brought him to BLK, and got him completely cured.” A&K Global Health’s expert management of Abdaljabar’s case made it possible for him to be identified as a candidate for BMT. Without A&K Global Health synchronizing the parallel processes of facilitating lengthy travel and accommodations for the patient and caregiver, liaising between Abdaljabar’s home physician and his treatment specialists, and settling financial arrangements between the KRG and BLK Hospital, he would never have received proper, timely treatment – much less have been fully cured. Today, Abdaljabar has achieved both.

“The full cycle is going back now to Iraq,” Dr. Dharma says of Abdaljabar’s departure from New Delhi. “He will be looked after by his local physician back home in Erbil, and…he will be in [constant] touch, through A&K Global Health, with the BLK BMT team for all possible future events regarding myeloma.”

Dr. Dharma concludes: “Thank you A&K Global Health, for giving an opportunity to treat one more patient, to cure one more life, to save one more life. Thank you so much.” Abdaljabar’s clinical path is long and complex, but A&K Global Health’s collective impact is composed of our tireless dedication to individuals just like Abdaljabar…and we’ll be there for him to ensure his remission is well managed and maintained.

You can hear Abdaljabar, his wife Runak and Dr. Dharma relay their experiences in this short video:

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