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A&K Global Health connects Kigali patients, New Delhi specialists at medical camp

Feb 3, 2016 / A&K Global Health

More than 90 people in Kigali, Rwanda started 2016 out on a healthy note by attending A&K Global Health’s recent medical camp. This camp was hosted by Baho International Hospital in Kigali and featured doctors from A&K Global Health’s partner Max Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi, India.

From January 19-21, 2016, these visiting specialists received patients for consultations regarding cardiology, orthopedic and neurology/spinal conditions. After hearing patients’ concerns and conducting health history and physical screenings, the doctors offered counsel on the best clinical treatment approach for each patient’s situation.

A&K Global Health is involved in all aspects of these events, from arranging for the doctors’ travel and accommodations to advertising in local media to ensuring that patients feel welcomed and comfortable as they wait for consultation. But we know our medical camps are just the first step on our patients’ journeys to seek healing. That’s why our camps are also only the beginning of the comprehensive healthcare management we guarantee our patients. When the traveling physicians return home, we begin the process of helping patients who suffer from complex, often chronic diseases to identify their treatment options and choose the solution that is best for them.

Because of this camp with Max Super Specialty Hospital, A&K Global Health is now assisting 17 cardiology patients, 25 orthopedic patients, and 52 neurology/spinal patients from Kigali as they seek appropriate care. Some will travel to another city for treatment, others to a neighboring country, and still others overseas. Wherever our patients elect to pursue their health, A&K Global Health is there to oversee the continuity of quality care, from medical camp diagnosis to travel and treatment and through recovery and follow-up.

A&K Global Health regularly coordinates these medical camps with our hospital partners for low or no cost throughout Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia and South Sudan. This successful event in Kigali has already sparked interest in future opportunities for residents to confer with high-demand specialists: at the end of the three-day camp, patients eagerly shared with A&K Global Health their visions for another Kigali event, when they hope the visiting doctors will bring with them a cardiac ultrasound machine.

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