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A&K Global Health CEO brings insight and experience to global healthcare forum in Miami

Apr 6, 2016 / A&K Global Health

North Carolina, USA – April 6, 2016: On March 21, 2016, the Center for Health Sector Management and Policy at the University of Miami School of Business Administration welcomed A&K Global Health Chief Executive Officer Morgan Darwin as a panelist at its annual conference. Invited to speak as a thought leader in the emerging field of global healthcare management, Mr. Darwin addressed more than 700 attendees from across the healthcare industry during a session focused on “Facilitating Medical Tourism.”

This year’s meeting, The Business of Healthcare: Going Global, is the fifth in the Center’s series of premier healthcare industry impact conferences. The daylong, sold-out event featured a keynote lecture followed by multiple panels covering different aspects of the globalization of healthcare, as the industry landscape is increasingly influenced by multinational healthcare service providers, global biomedical and biotechnology firms, multi-country joint ventures, international medical tourism, and advances in medical as well as communications technology.

Mr. Darwin’s platform as a panelist was an exciting opportunity for A&K Global Health to share the lessons and historical perspective gained from our pioneering experience in the field of domestic and international medical travel – as well as to explain to an industry audience our vision for the future of global healthcare management.

In his introduction, Mr. Darwin described the evolution of A&K Global Health’s core services and corporate identity from medical travel facilitator to global healthcare manager. A&K Global Health was founded in 2011 on the idea of increasing the accessibility of quality healthcare for an estimated five billion people worldwide living without it: “How can we create a [sustainable] company that’s focused on improving access to healthcare while delivering a transparent treatment process?” In the company’s infancy, Mr. Darwin recounted, “We thought the key to achieving this was tireless advocacy on behalf of the patient, being with the patient every step of the way.” It’s true that our dedication to superior service for each individual and to infallible integrity in all our business dealings have become hallmarks of A&K Global Health. But we quickly learned they weren’t enough.

“We came to understand that what individuals lacking access to healthcare actually meant was that many countries around the world were lacking the national resources or requirements to fulfill the medical needs of their citizens.” This realization revolutionized A&K Global Health’s approach to connecting patients with quality treatment and a transparent care process. “We expanded what we do to encompass the full range of supply chain management and fourth party logistics that, along with medical travel facilitation, make up the comprehensive package of healthcare management,” Mr. Darwin said, explaining why today A&K Global Health primarily delivers services to patients as a contracted agent of their national or regional governments.

The audience was enthusiastic with questions about A&K Global Health’s experience. Mr. Darwin fielded an especially insightful inquiry regarding continuity of care, which in the context of medical travel refers to reintegration of the patient into their home country’s healthcare system following treatment abroad. “We stay involved in the patient’s continued healing for up to a year or year and a half to ensure they’re integrated into competent, continuing healthcare,” Mr. Darwin shared, affirming A&K Global Health’s commitment to long-term patient monitoring and follow-up.

“The transfer of knowledge from the treating institution to the local physician is critically important. Whether that’s the treating physician actually coming and holding workshops in the patient’s home country or region, educating local doctors on how to perform follow-up care, or whether it’s sending young doctors to work under the supervision of that specialist in the treatment country – the result of A&K Global Health’s work with each of these health system stakeholders is the guarantee that when the patient travels home, there is an established chain of custody to ensure good communication between the local and the international physicians, as well as a common understanding of how that patient will continue to be managed and cared for.” Beyond dramatically improving clinical and experiential outcomes for patients, “providing end-to-end healthcare management really incentivizes the improvement of healthcare locally,” Mr. Darwin noted.

This was not the first time that leaders from A&K Global Health have been featured as industry trailblazers at an international healthcare forum. Nor will it be the last: next month, Mr. Darwin takes A&K Global Health’s expertise in and vision for global healthcare management to Madrid, Spain, where he will address the International Medical Travel Journal’s (IMTJ) Medical Travel Summit 2016.

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health CEO Morgan Darwin shares his company’s global healthcare management experience, vision and passion with attendees of the University of Miami School of Business Administration Center for Health Sector Management and Policy’s annual conference, The Business of Healthcare: Going Global.

In the photograph below: Participating with Mr. Darwin on the “Facilitating Medical Tourism” panel were, from left to right, moderator Eduardo de Marchena, MD, Associate Dean for International Medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine; panelist Anne Burdick, MD, Associate Dean for TeleHealth and Clinical Outreach at the University of Miami Health System and Leprosy Program Director and Professor of Dermatology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine; and panelist Marc Harrison, MD, Chief of International Business Development for the Cleveland Clinic.


Morgan Darwin and panel

A&K Global Health

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