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A&K Global Health celebrates Easter with our patients in hospital

Apr 13, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Have you ever spent a holiday far from home, family, and the traditions you cherish? If so, you’ll relate to a common experience for our patients. Because critical medical interventions, or simply the driving prospect of renewed health and vitality, tend to trump holiday plans, A&K Global Health clients often find themselves spending celebratory occasions of significance to them in hospital – and in a foreign country.

A core value to which A&K Global Health is dedicated is compassionate, customized care. Our team in Bangalore, India recently had the opportunity to demonstrate this value in action by celebrating Easter – a major Kenyan holiday – with all our Kenyan patients currently in Bangalore for medical treatment or post-procedure recovery.

A&K Global Health’s Bangalore Operations Officers went to every patient’s hospital room or guesthouse to personally wish them a happy Easter. To each client, they delivered an offering of Easter buns, a cake, and a greeting card from the company. All of our patients warmly received these gestures of hospitality and support.

Rolwin Mathias, A&K Global Health’s Bangalore Operations Manager, was one of our team members who took part in visiting clients and delivering these gifts. “Our patients told me that they had never seen any company taking care of them like this. They said these types of initiatives boost their spirits and help them in recovery, and thanked us for making them feel so at home.”

As a Christian holiday less widely observed in India than in Kenya, Easter’s importance to traveling patients could easily be overlooked. But as part of A&K Global Health’s deep and genuine personal care for each patient whose life we touch, as well as our commitment to exemplary customer service, we intentionally seek out ways to make our patients feel fully supported, understood and valued, and completely at ease while they pursue improved health.

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health patients happily present the Easter gifts they received from A&K Global Health.

In the photograph below: the greeting card, cake and Easter buns that A&K Global Health Bangalore team members delivered to each of our patients observing the Easter holiday while traveling for healthcare.

Easter Cake

A&K Global Health

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“Had it not been for A&K Global Health by providing the choice of the hospital and a specialist for my treatment, the personalized care and service, I would not have known how I would have survived.

- The ‘Lucky Boy from Kenya’ — Geoffrey Moenga

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