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A&K Global Health Care Consultants personify healthcare management

May 4, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Meet A&K Global Health’s Care Consultants, the quintessential healthcare managers. These individuals oversee our patients’ complete care life cycle. From the medical camp or physician referral that initially connects an individual with A&K Global Health, Care Consultants are a constant guide as our patients undergo diagnostic tests, select the right international hospital, complete important pre-travel medical actions prescribed by the foreign treating specialist, obtain visas and book all flights and accommodations.

Beyond their direct support to our patients, another critical component of our Care Consultants’ role is their work with patients’ insurance and primary care physicians to ensure a smooth transition from local to international care and back again. It is essential to patients’ confidence and emotional well being during the stresses of travel for significant procedures that both medical and financial coordination of their case be handled early, checked on frequently, and continuously managed throughout their health journey.

This is accomplished through Care Consultants’ continuous contact with their counterparts, Operations Officers, while patients travel. These two key positions within A&K Global Health are the buttresses of seamless healthcare management. Because our patients have personal advocates in their home countries as well as in their treatment countries, we are able to continually track how they are doing, making any necessary adjustments to the patient’s international treatment status, hospital bill, travel arrangements or post-procedure care plan in real time. And when our patients return home, our Care Consultants welcome them with competent, compassionate follow-up care management and support their reintegration into their home health system.

“It gives me great satisfaction knowing that a client is progressing well in treatment while away from me,” says Linner Soy, an A&K Global Health Care Consultant based in Eldoret, Kenya. “Right up until we meet again, A&K Global Health’s holistic approach to our patients’ care ensures that I am kept current on their status…in turn, I’m able to coordinate optimal follow-up care for their specific circumstances when they return. A&K Global Health is a unique organization in this way, able to infuse our macro-level expertise in health systems management into the individual customized interventions that we tailor to each patient’s needs.”

Joyce Wambugu, a Care Consultant in Nairobi, Kenya, shares that she finds motivation not only in the healing work that A&K Global Health does but also in our valueshow we do our work. “A&K Global Health is transparent in all its dealing and seeks to always be on the client’s side. Not many companies that do what we do go to the trouble of digging deeply into a client’s history so that the treating doctor can give absolutely the most accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation possible. And in the case that it’s not the best clinical choice for a client to travel, we advise our clients accordingly, rather than making it a goal to have the client travel. The goal is always the client’s optimized health, not the number of bookings or procedures. This again is integrity.”

Of course, A&K Global Health’s work itself is also incredibly powerful. “The times I meet clients who we have assisted and who are now able to walk, whereas previously they were not able to; hear once again, when they were deaf before; go about their normal life once again, say after a kidney transplant; a client who had a few days to live who’s got a new life ahead of them now…” Joyce shakes her head, as if amazed anew to remember just how many people her work as a Care Consultant has touched. “When I see the joyful tears of clients as they tell me how their lives have changed, it’s motivating and inspiring. It encourages me to keep doing the same for many more.”

A&K Global Health Care Consultants currently work with our patients from our offices throughout Kenya, Iraqi Kurdistan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Rwanda and South Sudan. Wondering when A&K Global Health Care Consultants may be coming to a city near you? Follow us here on the A&K Global Health Blog for all the latest news on our patient impact, our healthcare management advocacy and our expanding geographic footprint.

In the photograph above: Nairobi Care Consultant Joyce Wambugu assists an A&K Global Health patient in considering her options for medical treatment and travel.

In the photograph below: Eldoret Care Consultant Linner Soy checks in with an A&K Global Health patient by phone.

Linner Care Consultant

A&K Global Health

A&K Global Health is a worldwide leader in realizing transparent, affordable, effective and innovative solutions to complex health challenges. We connect you with the right care for your needs, from coordinating international medical travel to facilitating quality local and regional treatment. We also optimize the impact of health institutions by introducing transparency, control and customization to the medical, financial and experiential aspects of your journey. A&K Global Health is dedicated to empowering you to reach your highest health. Contact us today to learn how we can support you.



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