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A&K Global Health brings Christmas cheer to hospitalized patients

Feb 1, 2017 / A&K Global Health

A&K Global Health has done it again: surprised our patients traveling abroad for medical care by remembering one of their home country’s most important holidays!

In Kenya, Christmas is a major annual affair. Businesses and government offices close for weeks in December and January: the national focus during this season is on spending time with one’s family. Being in the hospital is never easy, but the strong emphasis on the company of family during the Christmas season makes December an especially difficult time of year for Kenyans to be separated from their loved ones for medical treatment.

Thanks to A&K Global Health, however, every single one of our Kenyan patients across India had a smile of Christmas cheer on his or her face this past December 25.

“Ataur and I celebrated Christmas with all our patients in Gurgaon,” reported Nitin Ahuja, Delhi Assistant Operations Manager, speaking of his Operations Officer colleague Ataur Rahman. “On behalf of A&K Global Health, we provided Christmas cakes to them. All the patients and their family members felt very happy, and thanked A&K Global Health for the surprise arrangement!”

Gurgaon wasn’t the only Indian city where A&K Global Health’s Christmas surprise operation was unfolding, though. In the south, Operations Officer Somashekara Madhukar and Operations Manager Tabrez Ahmed were also busy making the rounds to our patients throughout Bangalore. “Our patients thanked us for taking such good care of them,” Mr. Ahmed said. “Because of our care, they said they felt like they were ‘home away from home.’”

From holidays to birthdays, from the day of a patient’s first post-procedure steps to the day of their flight home, we at A&K Global Health remember and honor the important occasions and personal triumphs that punctuate our patients’ health journeys. And our signature combination of continuous professional support with genuine personal care makes a real difference. But don’t take our word for it – check out these Christmas 2016 photos for yourself. A very happy holiday, indeed!

In the photograph above: Our patient Grace Naftal, right, of Nairobi, Kenya, and her attendant Lillian Anyota, left, showing off the Christmas cake they received from A&K Global Health. Grace spent Christmas 2016 at HealthCare Global Enterprises in Bangalore, India, where A&K Global Health is managing her treatment for pancreatic cancer.

In the photograph below: Our patient Marina Mututo, seated left, of Nairobi, Kenya, and Caroline Muriuki, seated right, the attendant of our patient Bernard Irumbi, not pictured, cheerfully sport the Christmas hats and cakes they received from A&K Global Health’s Gurgaon team. Standing behind them are Gurgaon Operations Officer Ataur Rahman, left, and Delhi Assistant Operations Officer Nitin Ahuja, right, who are helping to manage and support Marina’s treatment for uterine cancer at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, India.

In the photograph below: Bangalore Operations Officer Somashekara Madhukar presents a Christmas cake to our patient Susan Wanjiru, right, and her attendant Lucy Kinuthia, left. Susan calls Nairobi, Kenya home, but celebrated Christmas with A&K Global Health in Bangalore, India while undergoing treatment for uterine cancer at Manipal Hospital.

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