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Air Arabia honors A&K Global Health’s 2015 growth with visit to Kurdistan office

Feb 8, 2016 / A&K Global Health

After a tremendous year of growth in 2015, A&K Global Health was selected by Air Arabia to be honored as a special corporate partner. On January 24, 2016, Air Arabia Sales Manager Mr. Ahmed Jamal visited our Kurdistan team to personally commend their efforts.

It was all smiles at the A&K Global Health office in Erbil when Mr. Jamal presented our staff with a congratulatory cake. The decoration read “For A&K Company; Thank you for your great work 2015.”

2015 was indeed a momentous year for A&K Global Health’s Kurdish patients, as well as for our business partners. With the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), we helped more than 220 men, women and children obtain critical medical care not available in Kurdistan by traveling to New Delhi. Not only is this number of patients significant: the specific type of care A&K Global Health has facilitated is important, too. Many of our Kurdish patients suffer from blood diseases like thalassemia, conditions that require complex, long-term treatment regimens. This means that patients must make multiple trips to and from their treatment destination to receive carefully sequenced treatments at specific intervals – often over the course of more than a year. And for optimal recovery, patients must be monitored for months or years after their treatments are complete.

Guiding patients through this clinical path and coordinating continuous oversight between Kurdish patients’ home doctors and their Indian specialists is a complicated process. It’s also what A&K Global Health does best. Our experience managing such complex diseases and treatment procedures has been vital in improving the prognoses of our Kurdish patients. And our expert healthcare management doesn’t just deliver the best medical outcome for our patients – it also optimizes the use of health institution funds. Throughout the months and years of the entire recovery journey, A&K Global Health ensure our patients stay on track with their treatments, medications, and other interventions both at home and abroad, so that no appointment, procedure or travel is ever wasted.

In this way, A&K Global Health’s patient management economizes the expenditures of health governing organizations like the KRG Ministry of Health, making it possible for them to extend support to more of their citizens in need of care. And as greater numbers of Kurdish patients have been able to receive funds to pursue treatment, our travel industry partners have benefitted, too! A&K Global Health booked more than 600 flights with Air Arabia in 2015. This recent visit from Air Arabia’s representatives demonstrates how our successful patient management has raised our profile in Kurdistan as a prominent patron of the travel industry. We are always pleased when serving our patients, and the health institutions charged with supporting their care, also allows our partners to experience success in their businesses. And we look forward to continuing this crucial work in 2016 and beyond: creating value for all stakeholders in the health ecosystem by improving health, one life at a time.

In the photograph above: from left to right, the A&K Global Health staff members and Air Arabia representatives: Dr. Kameran Qader, Senior Medical Officer; Mr. Emad Alsalhi, Senior Care Consultant; Mr. Wameth Adil, Operations Manager; Mr. Ahmed Jamal, Air Arabia Sales Manager; Mr. Arab Sale, Rozahan Air Representative; and Ms. Samarya Qaiser, Thalassemia Care Consultant.

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