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Agile’s care restores Kurdish singer from laryngeal tumor to song

May 1, 2018 / Agile Global Health

Raed Jameel, 42, is a singer from Kurdistan, Iraq. “Two years back, I sensed a change in my voice, a concern which forced me to visit a physician,” Raed remembers. “I was informed about a tumor…The shock of this news led me to get a second opinion. I went to Lebanon to visit a specialist. Investigations revealed the same diagnosis…the doctors suspected cancer.”

The threat of laryngeal cancer felt like a death sentence for the professional singer; Raed had to act. “I decided to travel to India with the help of my country’s [health] officials, who coordinated with [Agile] Global Health,” he recalls. With Agile healthcare management and sponsorship from the Cancer Patient Support Fund (CPSF) of Kurdistan, Raed traveled from Erbil, Iraq to Columbia Asia Hospital in Bengaluru, India.

“I had to go through some more specific investigations at Columbia Asia Hospital,” Raed explains. “To my relief, the team confirmed it was not a cancerous tumor. The tumor in my vocal chords could be surgically removed…a matter of one-day hospital admission! Two days after surgery I sensed drastic improvement, with no discomfort whatsoever. I was thoroughly impressed with the way the team managed it all and highly satisfied with their services. I went back for my review, and the operation was [deemed] successful; the tumor was out of my system.”

“Mr. Raed…had come all the way from Iraq with a problem in his throat. Being a singer, he was quite perturbed [about] whether he would be able to sing at all in the future,” says Dr. Debashish Datta Majumder, Raed’s ENT/Otorhinolaryngologist at Columbia Asia.

“We did a complete workup of the patient. We did a laryngeal endoscopy and showed him the lesion on his left vocal chord. Clinically, it did not look like a malignant lesion, so [we expected that] once surgery was done he would get back his voice and be able to sing. Accordingly, we [performed] surgery, [which] went on uneventfully…he was discharged the next day. He was absolutely hale and hearty, he was feeling well.

“Two weeks later, we did a follow-up laryngeal endoscopy, and showed him that the particular lesion in his left vocal chord had completely vanished. The vocal chords were vibrating absolutely normally and his voice was perfect.”

Says Raed, “I would like to thank Dr. Depashish and the entire team at Columbia Asia Hospital. My gratitude [also goes] to the coordinator from [Agile] Global Health Mr. Ivon, [my] translator Mohamed, and the entire [Agile] team present in Iraq and India.“

Just as the resolution of Kenyan preschool teacher Ebby’s heart condition gave her back her career and passions and restored her as a fully-participating member of her community, assisting Raed through proper diagnosis and treatment for his laryngeal tumor had an impact broader than his individual health. We at Agile are privileged to have returned his livelihood and restored the opportunity for him to continue touching lives through his music.

Hear Raed share his Agile experience in this short video:

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“The whole arrangement for treatment from our country, Kenya, through Agile Global Health was the best arrangement to travel by and we got the best treatment. We thank the doctors, the entire Agile Global Health team and the entire Medanta The Medicity staff.

- Jones Fadamula

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