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Agile runs Erbil’s “Hope” 3k to help fund Kurdish cancer patients

Mar 20, 2018 / Agile Global Health

A few weekends back, Agile got active in a whole new way in Kurdistan. Our own Senior Care Consultant Emad Salai ran the “Hope” three-kilometer race in Erbil, representing Agile Global Health and helping raise funds for and spread awareness about Kurdish cancer patients across the region.

The Erbil International Marathon Committee arranged the March 3, 2018 event, along with the local organizations Cancer Patient Support Fund (CPSF) and Nanakali Hospital for Blood Diseases and Cancer. Approximately 500 participants, men and women of all ages, competed in the race.

The Erbil Director of Health, along with Nanakali’s cancer doctors, were waiting at the hospital to welcome runners as they completed the course.

So was the regional media: during the event, Mr. Salai was interviewed by Radio Sawa. “The reporter asked me, ‘As a citizen, what pushed you to be involved, what’s the reason for your participation?’ I answered that we as Agile Global Health has been working closely with cancer patients over the past five years, especially with Nanakali and CPSF, and that I personally felt the need to do something extra to assist cancer patients.

“The reporter also asked me about the country’s current economic crisis. What did I have to say to officials in the Ministry of Health in Baghdad, and to the world?” Mr. Salai continued. “I responded with a call for the Ministry of Health to send as much as medication as they can, and for humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in supporting Kurdish cancer patients to redouble their efforts in these challenging times.”

In addition to radio coverage, local television stations in the Kurdistan region broadcast evening reports about the race and its creation of positive attention to and momentum toward assistance to cancer patients, particularly as the region endures ongoing economic difficulties.

At Agile Global Health, we’re proudly dedicated to corporate social responsibility in every local community where our worldwide team works. Congratulations, Emad, on a race well run for an important cause!

In the photograph above: Young and old alike turned out in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq to show and raise support for Kurdish cancer patients at the March 3, 2018 “Hope” 3k race.

In the photographs below: Agile Global Health’s Senior Care Consultant Emad Salai proudly represented us at the race under bib number 0258. The first-place male and female finishers were recognized with trophies at Nanakali Hospital for Blood Diseases and Cancer, where cancer doctors on staff received and congratulated runners as they finished the course.


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