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Agile invited as live witness at NHIF-sponsored cardiac surgery

Dec 13, 2017 / Agile Global Health

As implementer of Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) cardiac surgery program, Agile Global Health is intimately involved in every aspect of the program’s administration, including clinical management. It was therefore a special honor when one of the program’s treating hospitals invited us to witness an open-heart surgery live, based on our keen interest in understanding the holistic process of our patients’ treatment journeys.

The client, a 51-year-old woman from Nairobi, had been diagnosed with rheumatic disorders of both the mitral and aortic valves. With sponsorship from the NHIF @50 Cardiac Program, she underwent a double valve replacement surgery at The Karen Hospital on November 2, 2017. Agile Global Health’s Public Relations and Communications Officer Eva Gulavi attended and witnessed the entire five-hour open-heart surgery in person.

“I told our patient that I was going to be there through the whole process and record it through photos and video,” shared Ms. Gulavi. “It was so amazing when she woke up in the ICU after her surgery that she was asking the people around her if her surgery was already done…she had been at such peace and without any pain that she could hardly believe it was already over!”

“The surgery was quite something,” continued Ms. Gulavi. “I saw the damaged heart valves as they were removed and replaced with the plastic ones. This surgery came in good time, too, because our client had a few big clots of blood which were also removed. It could have been very bad for her if she had been forced to wait on a waitlist to undergo this procedure. Once again, the cardiac program really came through.”

Less than two weeks after this client’s surgery, Agile Care Consultant Phylis Wanjiru paid her a visit at The Karen Hospital. “She was in high spirits, as she was being discharged home that day,” reported Ms. Wanjiru. “She was progressing well in her recovery, and was very happy with the services offered by Agile Global Health, the NHIF, and The Karen Hospital. She even invited us to follow up on her next appointment or to visit her home.”

Stephen Masinde, Agile’s Kenya National Director, acknowledged the honor represented by our invitation to be present during a surgery. “The Karen Hospital’s invitation, and our client’s consent, is a testimony to their confidence in our support and their desire for Agile to be fully involved with every step of the cardiac surgery experience,” said Mr. Masinde. “We are pleased and humbled to have been able to journey with a client in this special way.”

In the photograph above: The Karen Hospital’s cardiac surgery team performs a double valve replacement, sponsored by the NHIF @50 Cardiac Program. This image was captured by Agile Global Health’s own Eva Gulavi, who was invited to be a live witness during the five-hour open-heart surgery.

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